Homemade flat noodles and pork bone soup are exquisite, Nakayama soba

A delicious Okinawa soba store located between Nago City and Motobu town. That is Nakayama soba. It is a shop of Okinawa soba that has been familiar to local people of Motobu town and Nago city from long ago. Its homemade flat noodles and pig bone soup are very delicious. It is Okinawa soba with a gentle taste familiar to all people regardless of age and sex.

Nakayama Soba is located along prefectual way No.84 connecting Nago City and Motobu town. Nearby there are Nago Pineapple Park and OKINAWA Fruits Land. There are popular places for tourists. As you go along the prefectural highway No.84 you will see Nakayama soba.

Nakayama soba

The inside of the store has a table seat and a seat. There is a zashki seat so you can put it in peace with your family with a small baby.

Inside photo of Nakayama soba

The menu of Nakayama soba is this. It is nice to have children with kids soba.

The menu of Nakayama soba

Since I came with my children this time, I was a little worried about which menu to eat, but again I made a Soki soba and Nakayama set simply.

Soki soba

Now, Soki soba came. First of all, I drunk a soup. Although it was light, a pork bone soup with plenty of delicious taste spreads in my mouth. Homemade flat noodles match well with such delicious pork bone soup. It is a flat noodle with strong elasticity and good tooth touch. Changing the way of making it depending on the season and the weather, changing the time of aging, etc., it is truly a plain noodle made with time and effort. Even my lower child was satisfied with Okinawa soba that I shared with the Juicy of the Nakayama family set. Because it is a light taste, it is Okinawa soba that anyone can eat deliciously.

Nakayamaya set

Nakayama soba information
Nakayama soba along the prefectural highway No.84 connecting the Motobu town and Nago city. In the past it was the name of Nakayama soba, but recently when I visited it changed the name of the store slightly to “Nakayama home”, the store was also renewed. However, delicious Okinawa soba with homemade flat noodles and sweet pork soup is delicious. Why do not you stop by and go to the Churaumi Aquarium? It is a Okinawa soba, where you can enter even with children.

Nakayama soba is here ↓

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