If you want to eat delicious soy sauce ramen in Okinawa, Naka shouten

In Okinawa it has recently increased the number of delicious ramen shops. There are an increasing number of delicious ramen shops such as rich pork bone soy sauce ramen Ie-kei, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, Tsukemen, etc. Okinawa soba shops only in the past but there were no ramen shops, the times are changing in the direction. I am glad that I like ramen. In such circumstances, it is delicious soy sauce ramen that I can not find unexpectedly. There are many stores of pig bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and tsukemen, but I did not see soy sauce ramen. In the meantime, finally I found a delicious soy sauce ramen shop. That is “Naka shouten”. It is a full-fledged soy sauce ramen with thick soy sauce in Yuasa Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

Naka shouten is located in Tsubogawa, Naha city. It is located about 7 – 8 minutes walk from Yui Rail Tsubokawa Station. Since the parking lot is equipped next to the shop, you can feel free to visit by car. The interior is a calm atmosphere of counter and table seats. It is comparatively beautiful for a ramen shop.

Inside photo of Naka shouten

The menu of Naka shouten is this. There are three kinds of thick soy sauce ramen, white soy sauce ramen, burned soy sauce tsukemen. After all I ordered a thick soy sauce ramen (with all toppings) first. However, I would also have some white soy sauce ramen. What kind of ramen is it?

The menu of Naka shouten

Well, the thick soy sauce ramen (all toppings 950 yen) came. The scent of rising soy sauce intensified my appetite.

thick soy sauce ramen (all toppings 950 yen)

As expected, all toppings. There was force. Nori, char-shu, boiled eggs, menma, leek and vegetables. The soup was matched with the taste of chicken broth and the spicy of soy sauce. It was a soup that made use of the rich flavor and soy sauce flavor, although it was a soy sauce soup, it was not too bad at all. Noodles were thin and straight. It was easy to eat and it was good for soy sauce soup. Char-shu was large, elegant taste further enhances the taste of ramen. In Okinawa we also started to eat delicious soy sauce ramen. Happy.

Naka shouten shop information
In Okinawa it is a rare delicious soy sauce ramen shop, Naka shouten. As long as you are Ie-kei ramen or Tonkotsu ramen, you get bored after all. Naka shouten of soy sauce ramen at such time. You can enjoy authentic soy sauce ramen. Actually, on Wednesday it seems to be specialized in salt ramen. Next time I would like to try salt noodles. I will report again when I experiment with salt ramen.

Naka shouten is here ↓

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