Senbero Izakaya with good skewers and seafood dishes! Mucchan in Naha City

Little by little, life in Corona has become the norm, and I have started to go out for drinks as often as before. Among the Corona disaster, new restaurants are opening around Makishi Public Market, the sacred place of Senbero Izakaya in Naha City. One such Senbero izakaya with delicious skewers and seafood dishes is Mucchan, which I will introduce here.

Mucchan is located on one of Naha City’s arcade streets, Ichiba Hondori, one step into the side street. The exterior of Mucchan is as shown above. The entrance is open and easy to enter.

The interior of the restaurant 1

The interior of the restaurant 2

The interior of the restaurant looks like this, giving it the feel of a miscellaneous Chinese restaurant. The master may be fond of fishing, and fishing pictures were displayed on the wall. And here is Mucchan’s senbero menu.

Mucchan's senbero menu

I can’t start without a beer, no matter what. Cheers!

Orion Draft Beer

To our delight, Mucchan’s Senbero is not happoshu, but Orion Draft Beer! It’s the kind of flavor that soaks into our Okinawan bodies. I chose three skewers for my senbero snack.

my second draft beer just as the three snack skewers arrived

I ordered my second draft beer just as the three snack skewers arrived. The beer went down a lot because of the delicious skewers.

Here is the food and drink menu for Mucchan.

the food menu for Mucchan

the drink menu for Mucchan

There is quite a variety of food: yakitori, sashimi, grilled fish, Okinawan cuisine, and Chinese food. While looking for a snack to go with my third draft beer, I found a rather unusual lamb skewer (400 yen). This was to be my partner for the third draft beer.

Lamb skewers and my third draft beer

Lamb skewers and my third draft beer arrive! The lamb has a distinct animal smell, but it’s wrapped in a spice that I’m not quite sure what it is, and it goes well with the beer. it was delicious until the third glass of beer,

I went back to Mucchan for another drink on another day. I was in the mood for fish that day, so I ordered sashimi for my senbero snack. Here’s to another toast today!

Sashimi and Orion draft beer

After all, Orion draft beer is good! The beer’s deliciousness and coldness permeated through my body. Sashimi alone was not enough for me, so I ordered Mucchan’s recommendation, “grilled prefectural fish with garlic butter” (880 yen)!

grilled prefectural fish with garlic butter

The aroma of burnt garlic and butter in the air was insanely appetizing. Dip it generously into the butter along with the slightly charred garlic chips and I’ve got it! The endless loop of beer and grilled prefectural fish with garlic butter begins. The beer and chopsticks just won’t stop!

I enjoyed it until the very end. Thank you very much for the meal.

About Mucchan

Mucchan is run by a young master alone and serves delicious skewers and fish dishes. The menu is extensive, and I would like to try Chinese cuisine next time. Please feel free to come and try their food.

  • Address: Zip
    900-0014, Okinawa, Naha city, Matsuo 2-9-8
  • Open 15:00〜22:00
  • Telephone: None
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~

Mucchan is here ↓

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