Cheap old and delicious Okinawa soba, Miyasato soba is popular in Nago city

Okinawa soba shop delicious old taste nostalgic taste that has been loved in local Nago city for many years. It is today’s Miyasato Soba. Recently, not only local people, but also many tourists are visiting popular shop. When I listen to a delicious Okinawa soba shop in Nago, this Miyasato soba, or the name of Gabusoka Shokudo is coming out, it has long been familiar to locals. I ate Soki soba in Miyasato soba.

Miyasato soba is located in the side street of Nago City Route 58. I went for lunch on Sunday, so it was quite crowded with locals and tourists. When it is crowded please give me a seat.

Inside shop photo of Miyasato Soba 1

Inside shop photo of Miyasato Soba 2

Now, buy a ticket for an order and hand it to the lady working in the shop OK. Please decide your seat when handing her a ticket.

Miyasato soba ticket vending machine

Menu of Okinawa soba is simple, Soki soba, 3mainiku Soba, Konbu soba. However, somehow there is curry, spaghetti, rice, and toast. Combinations which I do not understand somewhat are interesting, like Okinawa’s popular dining halls. I ordered Soki soba. When I handed off my food ticket, she brought me Soki soba very quickly.

Soki Soba

This is Soki soba of Miyasato Soba. It is slightly unusual for kelp to be on Soki. The taste of soup is easy to eat. It is a gentle taste easy to eat regardless of age and sex, with kelp and bonito dashi as the base. It has been familiar with locals for many years. Straight noodle with flat noodles and narrow. So I wonder if it’s easy to eat. While cartilage soki is in fashion, the Soki is a traditional sparerib type saw. This is 600 yen! As prices continue not to change from long ago and continue to offer cheaply, it is still being loved by locals.

About Miyasato Soba
Miyasato soba in the side street of National Route 58 of Nago City. When you go to the Churaumi Aquarium or Kouri Island, you surely pass near Miyasato soba. If you want to eat traditional Okinawa soba in Nago, it is a recommendation restaurant. The parking lot is also wide and it is easy for visitors of rent-a-car to come. When you come to Nago City, please enjoy tasting Miyazsato soba at lunch.

  • Address:
    905-0011 1-27-2 Miyasato, Nago city, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-20:00
  • Telephone: 0980-54-1444
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot around the shop
  • Price: 600 yen

Miyasato soba is here ↓

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