A cafe restaurant operated by a well-established miso maker of over 160 years ago, Misomeshiya Marutama

A café restaurant of particular attention that Okinawa’s only Miso maker surviving World War II. That is “Misomeshiya Marutama”. It is a long-established miso maker founded 160 years ago, and it seems that Miso and soy sauce were made as Miso collection of wishes also in the Shuri dynasty period of the past. Aspergillus which survived the battle of Okinawa, still making delicious miso and soy sauce. I have eaten the taste of such a long-established miso dishe at Misomeshiya Marutama.

Misomeshiya Marutama is in Izumizaki, Naha City. Because it is located on the harbor view street behind Okinawa prefectural government office, I think that it is easy to visit even by tourists. The appearance of the shop is said to be a stylish cafe located in the town.

The appearance of the Mishomeshiya Marutama

The inside of the shop is also a stylish cafe atmosphere. I do not think that it is a shop of miso dishes.

Inside photo of Misomeshiya Marutama

Well, the menus are like this. It is easy to understand with pictures. The menu seems to change with morning, day and night.

Lunch menu

Morning menu

Speaking of the staple of Okinawa’s miso dishes, it’s a miso soup set menu. Since this time I came to have lunch together with my kids, hamburger set meal is for my kids. Of course I ordered it with tomato sauce that uses miso as a hidden taste. I was looking forward to the miso soup set meal of a long-established Miso maker.

miso soup set

Well, miso soup set meal came. We eat a lot of miso soup dish, and in Okinawa it is a classic set meal. The taste of miso soup is sweet miso, well matched with vegetables and pork. Miso soup contains half-egg, which was quite a volume. It is perfect for breakfast and lunch.

hamburger set meal

I tried eating a hamburg set meal ordered by my child for a while. Miso was used for the hidden taste of tomato’s demiglace sauce, and it was finished in a deep flavor. After all, when miso was included, it became a little Japanese-style taste. The child also cared and eat it until the end.

Miso cheese cake

After lunch dessert is Miso Cheesecake. I was wondering if miso and cheese were going to fit, but because it is still between fermented foods, it turned out to be a well-matched taste. Next time I’d like to try Miso Pudding.

Misomeshiya Marutama shop information
A cafe restaurant opened in 2016, Misomeshiya Marutama, a well-established miso maker of 160 years old. It is in the center of Naha city, it is a shop where visitors as well as those working in Naha can visit as well. Miso is also sold in the restaurant, you can buy the miso you care about immediately. Miso dish of Okinawa which is a bit different from Japanese miso, please try it.

Miso is also sold in the restaurant

Misomeshiya Marutama is here ↓

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