Okinawa soba with folk scent of bonito and homemade noodles best match, Mingei-shokudou

Clear soup with bonito scent and refreshing taste. There is a best-match homemade flat noodles. A Okinawa soba shop where you can eat such delicious Okinawa soba is located in Yonabaru Town Mingei shokudou. The fragrance of an elegant and thick bonito rising from a surprisingly transparent soup is exquisite. A famous shop, Mingei shokudou which Okinawa soba lovers know it. I ate Soki soba of Mingei shokudou.

Yonabaru Town once flourished as a port town, it seems that it was famous as a Okinawa soba. Mingei shokudou that reproduced such Yonabaru soba. The Mingei shokudou is located in the center of Yonabaru Town. The old shop was renovated and renewed.

Exterior of Mingei shokudou

The inside of the shop has table and seats, it is small. It is crowded with salaried workers with family at lunch break.

Inside photo of Mingei shokudou

The menu of the Mingei shokudou is this. It is easy to understand for overseas travelers because it has a photo.

The menu of Mingei shokudou

First of all, I ordered a classic Soki soba. Yonabaru town as known for Okinawa soba. I am looking forward to it.

Soki soba of Mingei shokudou

Now, Soki soba came. It is clear and transparent soup so that you can see the color of the instrument through the soup. The scent of the bonito goes through my nose. When I drunk a bite soup, it was a refreshing taste, but I felt a firm Umami taste. Moreover, the taste of crispy texture was delicious, flat noodles are frequently involved in soup. The texture of the noodles was also good and very tasty, I would go on eating steadily. Soki has a taste of solid meat, and it fits well with the soup taste very well. When you add a Koregusu, you will get more pungent and rich, and you can enjoy a different flavor. Very tasty Okinawa soba, it was not left until the end.

About Mingei shokudou
Yonabaru Town known as Okinawa soba. A popular Okinawa soba shop in Yonabaru Town is a Mingei shokudou. Its Okinawa soba are exquisite base on bonito soup as it seems to be a Okinawa soba in a town prospered as a port town. The soup which is transparent and easy to taste can be deliciously eaten even when you are summer bathed and has no appetite. It is worth extending to Yonabaru Town and eating it. If you like Okinawa soba, please try visiting Mingei shokudou.

  • Address:
    901-1303 433 Yonabaru, Yonabaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-945-3154
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Parking: Please use the parking lot next to the store
  • Price: 180 yen ~ 800 yen

Mingei shokudou is here ↓

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