Minato Shokudo, a cheap, good and hearty restaurant at Motobu Port

The hearty and best cost performance restaurant is located in Motobu Port. All dishes are from 400 yen to 600 yen. However, the food tastes good and the portions are generous. That is Minato Shokudou. Even in Motobu Town, people who know it are familiar with it. Because of the location of the restaurant, there are not many people who know about it even locally, but once you come here, you’ll be fascinated by the taste and volume of the food. I went to Minato Shokudou, an at-home diner run by old woman and auntie.

Minato Shokudou is located in Motobu Port. It’s located in Motobu Port, one step away from Route 449, the road on the sea side that connects Nago City and Motobu Town. If you look up the location on Google Map in advance, you won’t get lost.

This is what it looks like inside the Minato Diner. It’s a little cramped, but I felt like I went to eat at my grand mother’s house.

inside the Minato shokudou

You can find the menu on the wall. As you can see, all menu items are priced between 400 yen and 600 yen. The most expensive item on the menu is 600 yen. You will be surprised at this low price.

the menu on the wall

I came with my father, mother and children on this day. We wanted to try different flavors of food, so we ordered Okinawan soba, curry rice, vegetable stew, miso soup set meal and omelet rice. We heard it was a lot of food, so we were a little worried we wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Okinawa soba

First up is the Okinawa Soba. The soup is based on soy sauce and bonito broth and has a very gentle taste. It tastes like old-fashioned Okinawan soba. It’s quite good! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s quite a lot of food.

Miso soup set meal

Next is the miso soup set meal with lots of ingredients, which is very common in Okinawan restaurants. Everything on the menu comes with two small bowls of food, small Okinawan noodles, and even rice. It is quite a hearty meal. Miso soup with lots of vegetables. The taste of dashi and miso is very gentle and delicious. You can really enjoy the gentle taste of Okinawan oba.

vegetable stew

The vegetables stew is cooked very gently and robustly. Both my father and mother liked the seasoning. However, the portions are too large to finish.

curry rice

This is another old-fashioned, slightly yellowish curry rice. It was surprisingly spicy and my child couldn’t eat it very well. My father and I enjoyed it. We also ordered an omelet and rice omelet, but this one was too large and we couldn’t finish it, so we took it home.

About Minato shokudou

Minato Shokudo, an old Okinawan country diner. It’s well-seasoned, generous, with a wide variety of small bowls and other dishes, and the service is very homey, with an at-home atmosphere from Oba and Anmer. And best of all, it’s cheap! Such a good taste, such a good volume and such a low price! It’s like a restaurant packed with all the good things about Okinawan restaurants. After the meal, they offered us pears as a service. This is such a cheap price for a volume that you can’t finish eating. You should definitely go there on your drive or when you’re hungry. You’ll feel a little more relaxed with the homey service at Ober’s.

  • Address: Zip
    905-0225 Saki Motobu 5209, Motobu town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30~16:00
  • Telephone: 0980-47-5590
  • Closed: Sunday and Thursday
  • Parking: there is a parking space next to the store
  • Price: 400 yen ~ 600 yen

Minato shokudou is here ↓

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