You can eat a rare flying fish soba and goat meat sashimi easily at the road station Yaese

Main road in the southern part of Okinawa, National Route 331. Roadside station along that main road is “Eastern road station Yaese”. It is located near the sightseeing places of Okinawa, such as Seifaa Utaki and Himeyuri Tower. It is a road station that is convenient to drop in on the way of driving. It is a little rare that you can eat a flying fish Soba and goat meat Sashimi (called Hiija in Okinawa dialect). It is the only place where you can eat a flying fish Okinawa soba! I also wanted some people who like Okinawa soba to eat the flying fish soba.

The south raod station Yaese which is located in the south in Okinawa main island in Yaese town. About 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport. It is still a new road station opened in April 2017.

The road station Yaese

Local products and vegetables of local Yaese town are sold at the station. Bell peppers are special products.

The photo of road station Yaese

This flying fish soba I would like you to eat by all means if you come to the south road station Yaese. Bonito soup is rich in Okinawa soba, it is Okinawa soba of the only flying fish soup. This “Nakanoya” has made flying fish soba.


Of course, I actually ate the flying fish soba. It looks like such an ordinary Okinawa soba. But when I drink a bite soup, the taste is quite different from ordinary Okinawa soba. And it is mild and gentle taste different from soup based the bonito soup. Noodles are thin and straight. Easy-to-eat noodle that matches the soup of flying fish based gentle taste. Still the Soki on the nooodle is taste of meat firmly. You can feel the difference between fish and soup friendly gentle soup. For those who love Okinawa soba, I definitely recommend you. You can enjoy Okinawa soba which is different from usual. Weekday with a reasonable OKinawa rice.

Flying fish soba

Besides, you can eat things rare dish in the south station Yaese. It is a goat meat sashimi. We have eaten goats from Okinawa for a long time, but our likes and dislikes are clearly separated by its unique smell. Still, goat meat sashimi can only be eaten in Okinawa. Basically it can only be eaten by specialty shops, but you can eat casually at the south station Yaese. That is this “Yagiya Takumi”.

Yagiya Takumi

Speaking of Okinawa goat dish (hiija), there are both sashimi and soup, but this time I ordered sashimi and beer. It looks like smelly raw meat sashimi, but the smell itself is not very strong. Since the taste of goat meat is also casual with others, it is good for beer. A goat meat sashimi which usually can only be eaten at specialty shops. You can eat casually at the south station Yaese.

goat meat sashimi and beer

Road station Yaese you can eat rare flying fish soba and goat meat sashimi
It is still a new road station opened in April 2017. Although it is a small staircase station, it is easy to enjoy a special product of Yaese town, a little rare flying fish soba, goat meat sashimi can only be eaten in Okinawa. Please drop in when you drive in southern part of Okinawa. You might find somewhat uncommon things. This large gajumaru tree has good looks.

large gajumaru tree

the south road station Yaese is here ↓

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