If you would like to eat delicious Okinawa cuisine at Mihama Chatan town, Mihama shokudou!

Popular tourist attractions in Okinawa, it is American Village and Sunset Beach in Mihama Chatan town. Mihama area has various shops and restaurants, and is an area crowded with a lot of tourists every day. There are various restaurants in Mihama area and I think you may be worried about where you should eat. If you want to eat delicious Okinawa cuisine crowded with local people, “Mihama Shokudou” is recommended. From lunch to dinner, the Mihama shokudou is full of local Okinawan, you can eat delicious and plentiful Okinawa cuisine at reasonable prices. Besides Okinawa soba and Champloo, deep Okinawan cuisine, “Hone jiru (Bone soup)” is also delicious. I will introduce about such Mihama shokudou.

Mihama shokudou is a cafeteria located in Mihama Chatan town. It is a short drive from American Village and Sunset Beach. The inside of the Mihama shokudou is like this. There is a cushion seat and a table seat, and it is atmosphere of a typical Okinawa popular cafeteria. This day was around 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon, but the local Okinawa people were quite well inside the restaurant.

The inside of the Mihama shokudou

Mihama Shokudou’s menu is affixed to the inside wall of the restaurant. There are many typical Okinawan cuisines such as Okinawa soba and Champloo. Because it is only Japanese, it may be hard for foreign tourists to understand.

Mihama Shokudou's menu is affixed to the inside wall of the restaurant

After all, when you come to the Mihama restaurant, you will find famous “Hone jiru (bone soup”. Since I came with my child this day, I ordered Okinawa soba set meal for my child. Bone set that I eat for the first time in a long time, I was looking forward to it.

Hone jiru set

This is the Hone jiru set of Mihama shokudou. It is a set meal with plenty of Tonkatsu and rice in plenty of bone soup that protrudes from the vessel. Please look at the power of this bone soup!

Hone jiru

While grasping the bones by hand, I eat meat around the bones wildly. This is the real pleasure of bone soup. The umami of meat and soup attached to the big bones was rich and the best taste. The soup which cooked pork bone and meat for a long time at high temperature, the umami was concentrated and it was exquisite. If you eat rice with pork cutlets, it is a volume that will fill your stomach.

Okinawa soba set

And this is Okinawa soba set meal. It is a set full-size meal with a cutlet and rice beside Okinawa soba. Okinawa soba is a gentle seasoning that we can eat safely from children to elderly people. I think that there are a lot of volumes for children, but my daughter who enter the growing season has eaten.

Mihama shokudou Restaurant information
Mihama shokudou, a popular cafeteria tied to the locals, which has been operating since 20 years ago when American Village was developed. So it is a popular restaurant where visitors come to regardless of time. Not only bone soup but also regular dishes of Okinawa such as Champloo and Nakami soup can be obtained with plentiful volume at reasonable price. If you want to eat Okinawa’s popular cuisine in Mihama Chatan town, Mihama shokudou is recommended.

Mihama shokudou is here ↓

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