A long-established restaurant popular with local and foreign customers, Mickey in Okinawa City has a gentle taste of grand mother

Established in 1970. Mickey is a long-established restaurant that is popular among Okinawan locals, American military bases, and foreign tourists. I knew the name for a while and wanted to go and see it once, but I wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to go, but I passed by the restaurant, but I finally went to Mickey. I have confirmed the taste of a long-established cafeteria that will soon be half a century old.

Mickey is located on Park Avenue Street in Okinawa City. Recently, It is a little lonely, but Park Avenue Street is an old shopping street in Okinawa City, so there are many interesting and good shops around Mickey. I want you to extend your visit to Okinawa City. The inside of Mickey is like this. As expected, there are many celebrity signatures on the wall of the shop for about 50 years.

The inside of Mickey 1

The inside of Mickey 2

It feels like an old coffee shop, but still has a slightly American feel. This unique atmosphere can only be said to have been open for half a century. The menu is affixed to the store wall with a photo. There is an American military base nearby, so it is written in English. Every menu seems cheap and voluminous.

The menu is affixed to the store wall with a photo

The famous Okinawan Mickey menu is Chicken Kaydon. After all this cannot be removed. I went to eat rice with my kids on this day, so I ordered Okinawan Champon and Mickey lunch. I was looking forward to the taste of a long-established cafeteria that has been operating in Okinawa for about half a century.

Chicken Kei bowl

This is Mickey’s Chicken Kei bowl. Vegetables, chicken, and eggs are piled on top of rice. If you eat a bite, it’s a gentle taste of over. The gentle and nostalgic taste that my grand mother made for lunch on Saturday spreads in my mouth. As expected, it has only been open for half a century and it has a gentle taste that matches the mouth of Okinawa people.

Okinawa style Champon

Mickey lunch

And this is Okinawa style Champon and Mickey lunch. And all of them have a gentle taste that grand mother made. My kids seemed to like it too, and we ate together and ate.

About Mickey

About half a century has passed since the establishment in 1970. Mickey is a long-established restaurant that is popular with both local and foreign customers. According to a questionnaire in the US military base, it has become No.1 in popularity when it is hygienic and delicious. Because of its popularity, it is a place that has become a model for a short film about Okinawa City. If you come to Okinawa City, be sure to enjoy the taste of Mickey’s gentle.

  • Address: Zip
    904-0004 Okinawa city, Cyuou 3-1-6, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜21:00
  • Telephone: 098-939-9663
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking: None, please use nearby parking area
  • Price: 650 yen ~850 yen

Mickey is here ↓

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