Locally popular Chinese restaurant “Mensaku”, Tantan noodle is excellent

Locally popular Chinese restaurant in Itoman “Mensaku”. It is a Chinese restaurant where you can eat delicious and hearty ramen and set meals at reasonable prices. Especially, I heard the rumor that the noodles are excellent, so I went to eat one day when I was hungry. What kind of ramen noodles do you eat? The first restaurant is still exciting.

The Mensaku is located in Shiohira, Itoman city. As Itoman Road, which links Itoman City and Tomigusuku City, is located along Route 331 on Itoman Road, it is easily accessible by car. There is a counter and a seating area inside the store, and it is an atmosphere like a Chinese restaurant in the countryside.

The interior of Mensaku 1

The interior of Mensaku 2

Menu of Mensaku is this. It is easy to understand because it is a menu with photos. Everything looks delicious.

The Menu of Mensaku 1

The Menu of Mensaku 2

The Menu of Mensaku 3

The Menu of Mensaku 4

The Menu of Mensaku 5

After all, it is the most popular menu Tantan noodles first. I was looking forward to what kind of noodles I could eat.

Tantan noodles

This is the Tantan noodle of Mensaku. At lunch time you will be served free of charge rice. First of all, I took a bite of the soup while being tempted by the appetizing aroma of sesame oil. The spicy soup was rich in sesame and chili oil. It’s a rumored fine Tantan noodle! The ingredients were rich in minced meat, bok choy, green onions, and the texture changes and I could eat deliciously. Noodles were medium thick noodles. It was very easy to eat, matching the rich soup. When I finished eating the noodles, I put rice in the remaining soup and made it risotto-style and ate. I could eat the original taste of the soup to the end and my stomach was full. I was very satisfied with the delicious Tantan noodles.

I went to eat another set meal on another day. First of all, the standard fried rice set meal. It is an advantageous set menu that half fried rice, half ramen and gyoza are set.

fried rice set meal

This volume was 720 yen !! It is a menu that is generous and hearty. Of course, fried rice, ramen and gyoza were all delicious. Even if you come hungry, it is a set meal that taste and stomach are satisfactory.

fried chicken set meal

It is a standard set meal, followed by fried chicken set meal. A hearty set meal with seven juicy chicken fries. The chicken fried were also very delicious, and the original mayonnaise sauce matches well, and my rice went on and on. I was satisfied with my stomach.

Mensaku restaurant information

Popular Chinese restaurant in Itoman city, Mensaku. The rumor its Tantan noodles are delicious. Soy sauce, miso, sesame seed, etc. seems to make dishes using seasonings that are all handcrafted without using ready-made products. Mensaku is recommended if you want to eat delicious Chinese food with reasonable price and plenty of volume. It is a cozy Chinese restaurant where families and even one can feel free.

  • Address : Zip
    901-0302 Shiohira 773-2, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-16:00, 18:00-22:00
  • Telephone : 098-992-5799
  • Closed : Wendsday
  • Parking lot : Yes
  • Price : 330 yen ~ 950 yen

Mensaku is here ↓

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