Mendou-Kuroton is delicious ramen, even female customers are easy to enter

A ramen restaurant where tasty ramen is delicious, the inside of the shop is clean and it is easy to enter women. That is Mendou-Kuroton. Ramen shop is always a male shopkeeper and the shops are cluttered, and women are hard to enter. Still Mendou-Kuroton is a ramen shop that is easy to enter even a woman because there are female clerks as well. I ate a ramen in such Mendou-Kuroton.

The Mendou-Kuroton is near the Hebaru Minami Inter. It is along National Road No.507, so it is easy to come by car. As soon as you enter the shop, there are ticket machines. It is easy to understand with ramen photos.

ticket machines of Mendou-Kuroton

The menu table looks something like this. This time I ordered King G-men (980 yen), the most popular ramen in the shop. Since large size noodle is free for lunch, I ordered without hesitation.

The menu table of Mendou-Kuroton

The drink is self-service. It was rare for a ramen shop, it was a cup of Yachimun (Okinawa pottery) in Yomitan village. I am a little happy why it’s a cup of Yachimun.

The drink is self-service

The interior is like this. There are also a seat and table seats so it is easy to enter with children.

Inside shop of the Mendou-Kuroton

Now, King G-men came. Ramen bowl is a bit stylish at Yachimun in Yomitan village. I have seen that Okinawa soba shop is using Yachimun ‘s bowl, but this is my first time at a ramen shop. I feel the attention of female clerks.

King G-men soup is rich thick Tonkotsu, noodles is thick noodles straight, plenty of vegetables, rich toppings of nori, cha-shu, and egg. I felt considerable eating response. King G-men may be good to add rice as there are a lot of Nori. Garlic also matches soup. Garlic oversize is delicious. You mey well put garlic.

King G-men of Mendou-Kuroton

About Mendou-Kuroton
Mendou-Kuroton where you can eat good rich delicious ramen. It is a ramen shop that is easy to enter even for female customers and children. It is safe even for children, with children’s chairs, scissors cutting noodles, soft water and purified water. Fine consideration of female shop staff I felt. You can also use Yachimun bowls (Okinawa pottery) of Yomitan village. It seems that there are also Soki soba. I will try to eat when I go next time.

  • Address :
    901-1117 1734 Tsukayama, Haebaru-cho, Okinawa
  • Lunch:11:00-15:00, Dinner:18:00-23:30
  • Telephone : 098-888-0271
  • Holiday : Monday
  • Parking lot: There are about 20 parking lots in and around the shop
  • Price : 680 yen ~ 980 yen

Mendou-Kuroton is here ↓

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