Tsukemen, ramen, and mixed noodles are all delicious, Menkoi Maoroa in Ginowan City

When I heard about a playful and stylish café-like ramen shop, I was curious to visit “Menkoi Maoroa” in Ginowan City. The name of the restaurant, “Mauroa” means “eternity” in Hawaiian. The word “Menkoi” means cute in Japanese that is quite stylish. But is it not only fashionable, but also a delicious ramen shop? I have eaten well and confirmed it.

The Menkoi Maoroa is located in front of the Okinawa Convention Center, a little off the beaten path. It is located just straight ahead from the Okinawa Convention Center’s Kankaimon (Gate of Joy). The exterior looks more like a café than a ramen shop.

Tsukemen, ramen, and mixed noodles are all delicious, Menkoi Maoroa in Ginowan City

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I saw a meal ticket machine. Here you buy a meal ticket and place your order. There are ramen, tsukemen, mixed noodles, and even a limited edition noodle that changes monthly, so there are so many varieties that it is hard to decide which one to order. I thought it would be easier to understand if it came with a picture.

a meal ticket machine in Menkoi Mauroa

The restaurant has a stylish and relaxed cafe-like atmosphere with table seating and counter seating.

Photo of inside of Menkoi Maoroa 1

Photo of inside of Menkoi Maoroa 2

Since this was my first visit to the restaurant, I ordered tsukemen first. Tsukemen is available in 200g, 300g, and 400g portions. It is nice to be able to choose the amount of noodles. I chose 400g without hesitation.

Seafood tsukemen with egg

This is Menkoi Maoroan Seafood Tsukemian with Egg (1,000 yen). It looks delicious. First, I tried just the noodles without dipping them in anything to feel how it tasted. The noodles were chewy, medium-thick, and had a delicious whole-grain flavor. Next, I dipped them in the dipping Tsukemen sauce. The rich umami of the dipping sauce mixed well with the medium-thick noodles, making it a very tasty dipping noodle. The rich umami of seafood was strong in this tsukemen.

A delicious way to eat tsukemen

I took it with the restaurant’s recommendation on how to enjoy tsukemen. I was very happy that Menkoi Maoroa has a variety of toppings available and that I could customize the taste to my liking. I think it would be refreshing and delicious with lemon juice or koreiguusu on top.

Menkoi Maoroa Topping Service

The tsukemen was quite good, so I went for ramen another day. There are many kinds of ramen at Menkoi Maoroa, including tonkotsu ramen, shoyu ramen, and shio ramen, so it was a bit confusing, but a man must have tonkotsu ramen!

Tonkotsu Ramen with Egg

This is Menkoi Maoroan tonkotsu ramen with egg (900 yen). The thin noodles went well with the thick broth of de pork bone broth. It was quite a thick and straight pork bone ramen. The soup was quite tasty, with a rich pork bone flavor. It is also delicious if you add toppings such as garlic and hot spicy Chinese cabbage on the way.

After trying tsukemen and ramen, I still wanted to try mixed ramen, so I went back another day to try mixed ramen.

Ryukyu abura Soba with Egg

This is Menkoi Maoroa’s Ryukyu abura Soba with Egg (850 yen). Since both the tsukemen and tonkotsu ramen were quite rich in flavor, I expected the Ryukyu abura soba to be quite rich in flavor as well, but it was surprisingly light. The Okinawa soba noodles, bonito-based broth and flavored oil made it quite light and simple tasting. The bonito aroma was good, and the flavor was smoothly absorbed into the noodles. It might be tasty with a dash of koreiguusu on top.

About Menkoi Mauroa

Menkoi Mauroa is a restaurant with a stylish and relaxed café-like atmosphere that serves delicious tsukemen, ramen, and mixed noodles. The staff is energetic and friendly, and the restaurant is quite pleasant to visit. Looking around the restaurant, I noticed the autograph of Shohei Otani, a former player of the Nippon Ham Fighters! I am a little curious as to what Otani ate.

  • Address: Zip
    904-0022 Ooyama 6-46-5, Ginowan city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30~22:00
  • Telephone: 098-943-5395
  • Closed: No regular holidays
  • Parking: 5 parking spaces are available in front of the restaurant.
  • Price: 750 yen ~ 1,150 yen

The Menkoi Mauroa is here ↓

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