A long-established Okinawa soba shop Marutaka soba, which has been loved for over 70 years

For many years there is a famous Okinawa soba restaurant, which has met the stomach of local people in Nago City. I introduces today Marutaka Soba. It founded in 1948, it is a long-established Okinawa soba restaurant, which has been loved by Nago City for more than 70 years. I went to a long-established store that has long supported the stomachs of children in the growing season of Nago City, and I have tasted that Okinawa soba.

Marutaka soba is in front of the Okinawa prefectural Nago Commerce High School. Nearly Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural University and Nago High School are also located. You will find that there is a schools right next to Marutaka soba, which has long filled the stomachs of local children. The inside of the shop is a lot of table seats, and it is an atmosphere to feel free to families.

Inside photo of Marutaka soba

This is the menu of Marutaka Soba. Because there are high schools nearby, it is quite reasonable price. They can not afford to pay a lot of money from high school students. This time I ordered original Soki soba and Tebichi set menu. I was looking forward to the taste of Soki soba that has long been loved locally.

Okinawa soba menu of Marutaka soba

Set menu of Marutaka soba

Well, Soki soba came. It seemed to be delicious when there was a large Soki (pig meet) beside flat noodles.

Soki soba

The soup I felt a solid and umami based on pig bones. However, there is no oiliness, the taste of a firm soup was often associated with flat noodles and it was quite tasty Okinawa soba. Soki has a solid taste of pig meat. I felt satisfied after eating, I felt it was a long-established restaurant that has long been loved locally.

Tebichi set

Followed by Tebichi set meal. It is a pretty advantageous set meal which can make normal Okinawa soba at + 200 yen. Tebechi was often boiled and soft, just I could eat firmly in the marrow. Tebichi tasted firmly, this was exactly the taste of Okinawa. A set meal is perfect for families and high school students in the growing season. I got quite a stomach full.

Marutaka soba restaurant information
Founded in 1948, it has been beloved for more than 70 years, a famous Okinawa soba restaurant, Marutaka soba. Previously it was at the entrance of Nago city, at the Yofuke intersection, a lot of tourists also passed and it was also one of the famous stores that spreaded Okinawa soba outside the Okinawa. It is now moved to Nago Commerce and Industry High School and is crowded with local high school students and families. If you would like to eat Okinawa soba in Nago City, please try the Marutaka soba by all means.

  • 住所: 〒
    905-0019 Ookita 1-10-25, Nago city, Okinawa/div>
  • Open 11:00-17:00
  • Telephone: 0980-53-6866
  • Closed: None
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 580 yen ~ 950 yen

Marutaka soba is here ↓

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