I tried Beaf soup, Goat soup, Duck soup and Horse soup at the Manpuku Shokudou in Nanjo City

Speaking of Okinawan cuisine, what do you think of? There are lots of Okinawa’s distinctive cuisines such as Soki soba, Taco Rice, Champloo. Meanwhile, there are many Okinawan cuisines that people who know, only the local men do eat. That is beef soup, Goat soup (dialect Hiijya), Duck soup, Horse soup. Of course, each meat and internal organs stewed as it is soup. It is not a very major dish, like eating at specialty shops, but it is also a popular dish with persistent fans in each. A restaurant where you can taste such beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse sup is “Manpuku Shokudou” in Nanjo City. I tried eating beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse soup at such a comfortable dining room.

Manpuku restaurant is located in Nakama Osato Nanjo city. It is a place we should drive, so you’d like to find out the location in Google Map beforehand. When entering the restaurant one step, there is a delicious smell like meat being boiled. The inside of the shop has a table seat, Zashiki seat, and a counter. It is a popular restaurant crowded with local customers at lunchtime and dinner.

The inside photo of Manpuku Shokudou 1

The inside photo of Manpuku Shokudou 2

The inside photo of Manpuku Shokudou 3

The menu of Manpuku restaurant is this. The menu is abundant.

The menu of Manpuku restaurant 1

The menu of Manpuku restaurant 2

The menu of Manpuku restaurant 3

If you are unsure what to eat, let’s first order the most popular beef soup. It is a popular beef soup one in three people ordering.

beef soup

This is beef soup of the Manpuku Shokudou. Beef, winter melon, carrots and kelp are boiled until it becomes soft and it is beef juice. The soup in which the umami of beef and vegetables richly dissolves is still good! Both meat and vegetables are very soft and rich but finished in easy to eat taste. One cow is stocked in bulk, and the beef soup making it is excellent. Please taste the beef soup that you can eat in only Okinawa.

Next is the popular No. 2 goat soup (dialect name: Hiijiya).

goat soup

The Goat soup you can only eat in Okinawa. The unique beast smell is divided into two of those who can eat even Okinawans, people who can not eat. That’s why we want different people to eat it. Once you become addicted to the umami of a rich goat and smell, you can be a good Okinawa people. Please try a combination of goat’s umami and mugwort bitterness.

And Popular No.3 is this duck soup.

duck soup

Unlike beef soup and goat soup, very elegant umami spreads in my mouth. Elegant soup without any habit which anyone can eat delicious regardless of age and sex. It is a gentle umami soup like you want to eat when you have a hangover. If you can not seem to be able to challenge beef soup or goat soup, there is no mistake if you make it duck soup.

And lastly popular No. 4 horse soup.

horse soup

To be honest, I ate horse soup for the first time. It is a soup that I can taste rich umami, which is slightly different from beef soup and goat soup. Because there is mugwort, I feel a little like a goat soup, but the taste of soup is a unique flavor different from beef soup and goat soup. This is also good! It is a unique dish which can only be eaten in Okinawa.

Manpuku Shokudou restaurant information
Since its opening in 1984, a comfortable eatery which has been loved by local Nanjo city people for more than 34 years. A rich menu and affordable cuisine is a delicious dish, perfect for families. The cafeteria where we can eat Beaf soup, Goat soup, Duck soup and Horse soup, as far as I can tell, there is only this Manpuku Shokudou. If you want to eat Okinawan unique dishes, Beaf soup, Goat soup, Duck soup and Horse soup, I should recommend the Manpuku Shokudou. Of course there are also Okinawa soba and champuru set meals.

  • Address: 〒
    901-1400 Oosato Nakama 1032-1span>, Nanjo city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜21:30
  • Telephone: 098-946-4839
  • Closed: Sunday, holiday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 300 yen ~ 1,600 yen

Manpuku Shokudou is here ↓

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