Cheap delicious Okinawa soba shop Makishi soba near Makishi public market

Staple of Okinawa’s lunch, Okinawa soba. Okinawa people and people who visited Okinawa prefecture as well as sightseeing, it is easy for them to eat deliciously in Okinawa. This time I will introduce shops that we can eat 390 yen super Cheap Okinawa soba. “Makishi soba” is near the Makishi public market where many citizens of Okinawa and tourists visit. Cheap and delicious Okinawa soba of 390 yen. It is a shop near Okinawa soba with the best cost performance.

There is Makishi soba in the sideways of a little deep tidy which entered a little sideway of the Makishi public market. The sideways road in front of Makishi soba is like this. I felt the atmosphere like the sideway of the Southeast Asian market. It is a bit confusing, so I recommend you look it up in advance.

sideway of the Makishi public market

The menu is attached to the outside with the photo with a picture. It is easy to understand, is not it? Even with the highest mix soba, 590 yen! It is super-discount.

The menu

When entering the store there is a ticket machine on the right hand side. I bought a ticket and hand it to a clerk.

ticket machine

The inside of the shop is a simple construction of tables and counters. Since it was renovated several years ago, it is still new and clean.


After giving a meal ticket, Soki soba soon in a few minutes. There were three cartilage Soki, which was 390 yen by this. There is not Okinawa soba shop more cheap in Naha city.

Soki soba

First, I would drink a bite of soup. Although it was refreshing taste, I felt the taste of a firm juice of bonito. It was a light taste, so it was a gentle taste that you can eat as much as you want. Noodles were thin and straight. It matches well with the soup of the taste flavor, it is very easy to eat. Cartilage Soki was also tender and tender to the bones. The high quality that I can not imagine 390 yen. I was surprised.

Hot to go to Makishi soba
Makishi soba that you can eat delicious Soki soba at super cheap rates of 390 yen. I think that it is a Okinawa soba shop which is near Makishi public market and it is easy for visitors to visit. I will explain it because the location is a little confusing. First you will walk the road on the right side from the Makishi public market signboard.

Makishi public market signboard

As you walk down the road on the right side, you will be on the street which is divided into the road that goes outside the market and the side streets. If you enter this side street on the right side, you arrive at Makishi soba.

Around Makishi Public Market Photo

Makishi soba is here ↓

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