Shark meat hamburger, Mahoroba in Itoman City

Okinawa is a subtropical island surrounded by the sea on all sides. As a result, there are many kinds of fish in Okinawa and many dishes that make the most of those fish. There are many fish that cannot be caught on the Japanese mainland and there are also many fish dishes that can only be eaten in Okinawa. One of them is shark meat, which I have never eaten before. Shark meat contains ammonia and has a peculiar odor and peculiar taste, so it was only eaten in some areas in Japan. I’ve never tasted shark meat before. I heard that there is a cafe restaurant in Itoman City that offers hamburgers made from shark meat, so I went to try the shark meat flavor.

Mahoroba in Itoman City offers hamburgers made with shark meat. The location is near a driving school in Itoman City, but it’s a little hard to find for non-locals, so it’s best to look up the location on Google Maps before you go.

This is what it looks like inside Mahoroba. Jazz music is playing in the store with an open atmosphere like an open cafe. This is the inside of the cafe with an interesting atmosphere. In addition to the open-air cafe, there are also air-conditioned rooms.

This is what it looks like inside Mahoroba 1

This is what it looks like inside Mahoroba 2

Mahoroba’s menu is posted on the wall in the restaurant. When you order a menu there, you will be given a redemption number to redeem.

Mahoroba's menu

I ordered the Mega Shark Burger Set for 800 yen, which was still our goal for the day. What does your first shark meat taste like? I was very excited.

Mega Shark Burger Set

And this is the purpose of the Mega Shark Burger Set. It has a large piece of fried shark meat sandwiched between two pieces of fried shark meat that stick out of the bread. I tried the fried shark meat sticking out of the bread first, purely to taste the shark meat. After taking a bite, it was crispy and clean with no odor, and tasted like white meat fish with no peculiarities. The texture was a little more like meat than white fish, but I was surprised that it didn’t have a bad smell at all. The texture of the bread and fried shark meat was great, and I was able to eat more and more. It’s a very hearty meal and I was very satisfied with it. It also contains a lot of DHA, iron, collagen, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, so it’s a well-balanced food.

I sometimes go bare-diving in the ocean and last year I met a shark while I was swimming for the first time. I remember last year I met a shark while I was swimming for the first time, it was probably about 2 meters long and not a very big shark, but when I met a shark in the sea, I was pretty scared. That’s when I became a little more interested in sharks, and I’ve always wanted to try them someday. Finally, I was able to fulfill my wish.

Then one day while I was walking along the beach, I met a dead shark again. I would have been surprised if I suddenly saw a dead shark on my usual walk course (lol). Here’s a picture of that time. The shark’s eyes are still very real and a bit scary.

Dead shark found on the beach

I didn’t know how the shark died, so I didn’t have the courage to take it and pick it up and eat it, as expected. I heard that the other fish dishes were good, so I went back to eat them another day. That day, I ordered the freshly caught fried fish set meal. It was a popular dish of fried white fish caught that day.

the freshly caught fried fish set meal

This is a hearty set meal that comes with six large fried fish. The fish fry is made with freshly caught fish, so it was very tasty and odorless. The batter was crispy and the texture was very good, making it an enjoyable meal. It was a very tasty set meal and we enjoyed it very much.

About Mahoroba

Shokudo Mahoroba serves shark meat hamburgers. The restaurant is crowded with local families and students during lunch. I had shark meat for the first time and it was a very tasty hamburger without much of a smell. I’d like to take my kids to eat there next time.

  • Address: Zip
    901-0361 Miyagi 1-16-12, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Open 10:30~15:00
  • Telephone: 090-6859-7431
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Parking is available at the front and back of the store.
  • Price: 730 yen ~ 1,000 yen

The Mahoroba is here ↓

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