Maasando in Haebaru town is good with Okinawa’s unique soup dish and full volume!

Okinawa soba, Goya champuloo, Chiiricyaa etc. There are lots of unique dishes in Okinawa. But Okinawa cuisine is not the only one. There are lots of Okinawa’s special soup dishes such as goat soup, beef soup and horse soup. It is a local restaurant that is good at Okinawa’s distinctive soup dish with a full volume, Maasandou in Haebaru town. Squid ink soup, Inamuduchi soup, Nakami soup, etc. Okinawa’s unique soup dish is cheap and delicious mass eatery. At lunch time it is crowded with working father, families at night and are popular cafeteria in the local area. This time I will introduce such a Maasandou.

Maasandou is located in a place which entered the back road one step further from National Route 329. Since you have to enter a side street, I think that it is good to check the location in Google Map in advance.

The inside of the restaurant has a Zashiki seat and a table seat. It is typical atmosphere of Okinawa’s cafeteria.

The inside of the Maasandou

The menu of Maasandou is stuck on the wall inside the restaurant. There are many typical Okinawan cuisines such as Okinawa soba and Champloo.

The menu of Maasandou

Since Maasandou is famous as a Okinawa soup restaurant, after all I would like to eat soup dish of Okinawa. And the best thing in Okinawa’s soup dish is Squid ink soup, is not it? First of all I ordered Squid ink soup.

Squid ink soup

Please look at this black soup. It is said that it is medicine of life in the dialect of Okinawa, it is a good squid ink of nutritious tonic. And the taste is still rich and delicious! The umami of squid ink is rich and is good! Not only squid but also vegetables are abundantly included, there is also a response to eat. It is a gem that I want you to eat that you never ate a Squid ink. But after all squid ink is so thick, so be careful. Your lips will be black.

And then it is Inamudhuchi soup. Speaking of Okinawa’s pig souo, it is Inamuduchi soup.

Inamuduchi soup

Inamuduchi seems to mean “boar dish” in the dialect of Okinawa. Wild boar soup made with plenty of domesticated pork, shiitake mushrooms, konnyaku etc from wild boar. It is a typical local cuisine of Okinawa with a little sweet seasoning using white miso. It is a classic Okinawa soup dish that comes out for meals. Because it is plentiful in volume, I got quite a stomach full.

And speaking of Okinawa’s soup dish, it is miso soup that we should not forget.

Miso soup

It is Okinawa’s home cooking as much as there is a famous word “miso soup is main dish”. Miso soup with pork, spam, vegetables, boiled eggs and main dishes. It is a main dish filled with enough stomach. If you go to Okinawa’s cafeteria, it is a classic Okinawan cuisine, as much as Okinawa soba. If you have “miso soup” in the menu, I think that there are many Japanese people who smile unexpectedly, but please try to eat at ease once you see it. Okinawa’s miso soup is main dishes (laugh).

Maasanndou restaurant information
A cafeteria popular with locals and working fathers who celebrated the 10th year of foundation, Maasandou in Haebaru town. There are lots of classic Okinawan cuisines including not only soup but also Champuloo set menu and Okinawa soba. A salaried worker working in the day, a night and a holiday is a local close-packed mass eatery crowded with families. Okinawa’s soup dish menu is abundant and it is a good Maasandou with a full volume. Please try going to eat at least once.

  • Adress:
    901-1104 Miyahira 623-1, Haebaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜14:00, 18:00〜21:00
  • Telephone: 098-889-5326
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 800 yen

Maasandou is here ↓

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