Le Bon Gout where goat dishes can be deliciously eaten with French & Italian

What do you imagine when you hear Okinawa cuisine? There are a lot of local cuisines representing Okinawa, such as Okinawa soba, champloo, taco rice and pig meat. In such circumstances, do not forget, so goat food. Okinawa cuisine that is so unique smell that it makes it easy to separate likes and dislikes from clearly even in Okinawa locals because of an intensely animal smell. Speaking of goat cuisine, most are Hiijaa (Goat soup filled with all internal organs) or goat’s sashimi. I found a very interesting restaurant in such a situation. Le Bon Gout is a bistro that merged goat dishes with French & Italian cuisine. The store name seems to be French meaning “delicious goat”. As its name suggests, it is a restaurant where you can eat delicious goat dishes. Especially it is recommended for those who are not good at goat dishes. Because my friends who were not good at goats were saying it was delicious.

The Le Bon Gout is located in Sakae-machi in the Naha city. Oden no Todai and Hiikiya, etc. Sakae-machi has many unique drinking bars, but the dish of Le Bon Gout is also quite unique. Still, the inside of the shop is a clean bistro which is small and good. It is perfect for date.

Inside photo of Le Bon Gout

Today’s recommendations and the recommended goat dishes are written on the wall. It is fun to think about what to choose while watching the recommendation.

Today's recommendations

the recommended goat dishes

Le Bon Gout’s menu is like this. It is easy to understand because it has pictures and explanations. It will be helpful for you to choose dishes.

Le Bon Gout's menu

Well, the dishes chosen that time were four kinds of menu: Charcuterie Assortment, Goat’s Brasketta, Goat’s Pasta, and Lamb’s Grill. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of dish will come.


First off appetizer. It is an appetizer with cheese on okra and white sauce. Okra’s texture on the flavor of cheese and the taste of white sauce. It was a combination I ate for the first time, but it was very delicious. Because the appetizer level was high, expectations for goat dishes were swelling.

Charcuterie Assortment

Subsequently, a Charcuterie Assortment was brought. It was an assortment of seven different dishes including islet swine ripe, island pig putty, prefecture-produced chicken lever paste, raw ham and so on. The color was also beautiful. Goat dish was also included in this Charcuterie Assortment. It was served in the middle glass, “Goat’s Italian style cookie”. I felt surprised that this was a goat dish, feeling little beast odor peculiar to goats. The level of other dishes was also high, I thought that it was quite possible to meet a good store.

Goat meat's bruschetta

Next, “Goat meat Bruschetta”. A combination of cheese and goat meat matches French bread. As it is baked goat meat, I felt a faint odd goat in my mouth. Still, even my friend who was not good at goats, he said “I can eat this much”. I was surprised if they erase the goat’s smell so far.

Goat pasta

Next was “Goat pasta”. As it is the name as it is, the goat meat itself has become quite minutely so we did not feel any smell of goat at all. It was an ordinary delicious pasta. Those with goat lovers may be unsatisfactory, but those who are not good at goats can eat more and more.

Grilled lamb meat

The last thing came was “Grilled lamb meat”. I wanted to try lamb meat which is slightly different from goat meat, so I ordered it. This was also very tasty. The lamb meat was very soft and the original taste of the meat was pulled out well. I tried four kinds of dishes this time, but I think that it was a very tasty, overall high level restaurant overall. Every dish matched beer and wine, and it was delicious until the end. Even those who are not good at goat dishes are fine. Actually my friend said that it was delicious.

Le Bon Gout bistro information
Okinawa distinctive local cuisine, goat dish that people to know. Because of its unique flavor, Okinawan people will clearly separate likes and dislikes. There are only ordinary goat dishes like hiijaa (goat soup) or goat sashimi. But not only Bruschetta and pasta but also goat’s carpaccio and goat soup, there are lots of goat dishes that can only be eaten at Le Bon Gout. Anyone can enjoy goat dishes casually, from gout lovers to goat beginners. If you would like to try goat dishes, Lu Bon Gout is recommended.

  • Address:
    902-0067 Asato 379−15, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-963-9088
  • Open 18:00~24:00
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Budget: 3,500 yen ~

Le Bon Gout is here ↓

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