You can eat delicious lunch at the long-established Chinese restaurant Kuzyakurou along national highway 58

The aorta of Okinawa, Route 58. There is a red building standing long ago along that national road 58. It is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Okinawa Kuzyakurou (mean Peacock Church). If Okinawa locals, it is probably a red building that everyone has seen. But it is surprisingly rare that they know the long-established Chinese restaurant. Although such an old-fashioned Chinese restaurant Kuzyakurou, you can eat delicious Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices at lunch time. If you did not know, please try lunch of the Kuzyakurou at once.

The Kuzyakurou seems to be on the left hand side if you are driving National Route 58 towards Naha City. This red building is a famous building that Okinawa locals has seen. I have been watching since I was a child. Until recently I was misunderstanding that it was a furniture shop.

Kuzyakurou red building

The interior of the Kuzyakurou is like this. I feel like a Chinese restaurant. Many people come lunch alone, I think that one person will be comfortable alone.

The interior of the Kuzyakurou

This is the lunch menu of Kuzyakurou. With rice and soup, everything is reasonable price around a thousand yen. Everything looks delicious so I got lost.

the lunch menu of Kuzyakurou

I got lost a little, ordered a shop recommendation Kuzyaku lunch. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

Kuzyaku lunch

This is the Kuzyaku lunch. Four kinds of Chinese cuisine are served in a large dish and plenty of volume. Rice, soup and drink are attached to this and I think 1,080 yen is reasonable. The food was gentle and it was deliciously eaten. It was a sophisticated elegant seasoning as expected to be a long-established restaurant. Even those who are not good at spice or bitterness peculiar to Chinese food can deliciously eat. Because dishes of Kuzyaku lunch are changed daily, We do not get tired of eating every day.

Lunch also has self-service drinks and desserts. With this volume and deliciousness I think that 1,080 yen is quite profitable.

self-service drinks

desserts Zenzai

Kuzyakurou restaurant information
Open Chinese restaurant along national highway No.58, the long-established Chinese restaurant Kuzyakurou (mean Peacock Church), established for 40 years. It seems that many customers visit their families over three generations. Course dishes are central at night, but lunch is reasonable price around 1,000 yen, you can enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine with plenty of volume. A long-established Chinese restaurant that makes it easy for one person to visit. If you see this red building, please try eating the lunch menu by all means.

  • Address:
    901-2223 Ooyama 2-22-8, Ginowan city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-897-3548
  • Open 11:30~15:00, 17:30~22:30
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking: There is a parking place behind the store
  • Price: Lunch is around 1000 yen, dinner is course cooking

Kuzyakurou is here ↓

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