Fresh shrimp cuisine is the BEST! Tamaya in Ginoza village

There is a restaurant in Ginoza village where you can eat fresh live shrimp dishes from a fish pond. That is Tamaya. Shrimp cusine which is taken fresh and living still is the best! You can eat the best fresh shrimp dish more than this. If you like prawns you will definitely be satisfied with no mistake. Even if you do not like shrimp, I recommend you to try this freshness once.

The Tamaya is on the river of Ginoza village. It is a place we should drive by car, so I think that you should check the location in advance with Google Map. After entering the side road from the national highway No.329 line for a while, you will see the shrimp Ginosa farm.

shrimp Ginosa farm

The interior is like this. The river of Ginoza village is flowing in front of restaurant, it is quiet and calm atmosphere.

The interior of Tamaya

This is the menu of the Tamaya. Because I came all the way, I would like to eat fresh shrimp dishes. There, “Big Tendon” which used the fresh shrimp lived there, ordered fresh shrimp of salted grilled, sashimi, tempura and fried shrimp. I am looking forward to a fresh shrimp dish.

the menu of the Tamaya 1

the menu of the Tamaya 2

Brought me the living shrimp used for the dish ordered to the seat and showed it. It jumped in front of me, it was a very fresh and healthy shrimp. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of dishes it will be.

the living shrimp used for the dish

First of all, shrimp sashimi. The shrimp living until a while ago came to me as raw sashimi. I was surprised at its freshness when eating a bite. Very resilient and fresh sashimi. Its sashimi elasticity and ordinary shrimp are completely different. This was amazing.

shrimp sashimi

Then grilled shrimp with salt. I ate baked live shrimp. Since it seems to be the most delicious as it is half baked, I ate it without too much grill. It was still alive so you can eat it from the head to the tail. It seemed to be a little bit cruel as it is baked alive, but still it’s delicious when you eat it! If you eat it with a little salt you will feel the fresh taste of the sea.

grilled shrimp with salt 1

grilled shrimp with salt2

And this is fried and tempura of shrimp. Of course it was delicious without complaint.

fried and tempura of shrimp

Next, “Big Tendon” using 3 fresh, large shrimps living until a while ago. It’s a fresh shrimp fly so we can eat from head to tail. Quite a lot of volume. I was happy that I could put my favorite amount by myself of a bowl of rice bowls myself. Of course the prawns and vegetables were fresh, so the taste was delicious without complaint.

Big Tendon

And set meals of fried shrimp for my child. It was a set meal with plenty of fried shrimp with 5 prawns. Shrimp was fresh, so It was tight and tasty shrimp fried.

set meals of fried shrimp

Tamaya restaurant information
Shrimp brought up in a privileged environment that can use both nutrient-rich brackish water and clean sea water of coral reefs in the rich nature of Ginoza village. And Tamaya where we can eat shrimp with the best freshness of life. If you like prawns you will definitely be satisfied with no mistake. Shrimp sashimi is surprisingly fresh. There is a mangrove forest in the river in front of the Tamaya. I think that this environment raises tasty shrimp.

mangrove forest in the river in front of the Tamaya

Tamaya is here ↓

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