Okinawa soba using fresh Mozuku harvested from the sea in front of shop, Kunnatou

Fresh Mozuku grew up in the beautiful sea of Okinawa. Fresh mozuku that is thick and has a response to eating. The Okinawa soba shop where you can eat Okinawa soba with such fresh Mozuku is “Kunnatou”. A beautiful Okinawa sea in front of the shop! Okinawa soba using fresh Mozuku collected from such a beautiful sea is exquisite. This time I will introduce you to the Mozuku soba.

Kunnatou is in Nanjo City. It is a beautiful sea of Okinawa in front of the shop. From this sea they are taking fresh mozuku every day.

a beautiful sea of Okinawa in front of the shop

Okinawa folk songs were flowing inside the shop, it is a good atmosphere. I guess the dining room near the sea.

Inside photo of Kunnatou 1

Inside photo of Kunnatou 2

This is the menu of Kunnatou. If you visit by 14 o’clock it is beneficial with juicy all around Okinawa soba. This time I ordered ‘Kunnatou set’ which we can enjoy tempura of Mozuku. Okinawa soba, using fresh Mozuku, is fun.

Soba menu of Kunnatou

Set menu of Kunnatou

Well, when I waited for a while, the set meal came. Set meal is all you can eat fresh Mozuku! I was happy.

Kunnatou set

First, I drunk a bite of soup. Although it was refreshing taste, I felt the richness of bonito and pig bone taste. Noodles kneaded with such Mozuku are well matched with soup. The noodles kneaded with Mozuku are easy to eat with a tasty texture. Tempura of Mozuku is also fried, crispy texture and salty taste are the best match. I would eat smoothly. The juicy with the mozuku was delicious, it became quite full of stomach. Mozuku jelly of Sikwasser taste was a little fun taste.

Kunnatou shop information
“Kunnatou” that you can eat mozuku soba with plenty of fresh Mozuku harvested from the clean sea of Okinawa. They take fresh Mozuku every day from a mozuku farm built by the owner and use it. You can taste freshness and thickness differ from the mainland Japan completely. It is a different taste and feel from the ordinary Okinawa soba. In Kunnatou’s store, they sell such fresh Mozuku products as well. It is also good for souvenirs.

fresh Mozuku products

  • Address:
    901-0613 Tamashiroshikenbaru 460-2,
    Nanjo city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-19:00
  • Telephone: 098-949-1066
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 590 yen ~ 1,080 yen

Kunnatou is here ↓

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