I participated in the Kunigami trail walk where we can fully enjoy the subtropical forest in Okinawa Yanbaru

Trail walk that we can enjoy the subtropical forest only in Japan. I participated in that Kunigami Trail Walk. Trailwalk and trail run that will celebrate the 6th this year. Even if I am Okinawan people, Yanbaru natural forest that we rarely get into usually. I participated in a trail walk where I can enjoy the nature of Yanbaru with my child. It was a very pleasant event, as I was able to feel the natural sound and wind and smell of Yanbaru forest.

Kunigami Trail Walk departs Kunigami Village Forest Park at 8 o’clock. As I heard that the parking lot in the vicinity seems to get crowded at around 8 o’clock, I got up early in the morning and went to the park. When I get to the park, I received a T-shirt, bib number and map. Well, even if I looked at the map, I did not quite understand …

Reception of Kunigami Trail Walk

It was raining the day before and it was raining a little on this day, and it was a chilly day for Okinawa. The waiting time until departure was long, it was pretty tough. Also, because the reception could not be completed even after 8 o’clock, the departure was 8:40. Still there was a voice of the staff member, etc. Departing without losing feelings!
Kunigami Trail Walk before departure

Immediately after departure from the Kunigami trail walk

At first it was a paved road, but it gradually enters the mountain path. Natural wind and sound were very pleasant.

it gradually enters the mountain path

State of the Kunigami trail walk

After all it was a slow pace in the stairs and slope. They were getting rid of usual exercise shortly (laugh). The number of female groups who were chatting happily was few. A stairway about 30 minutes after the start, it seems that several people with bad physical condition come out every year. Continue slowly without impossible.

it was a slow pace in the stairs and slope

Even so, it is truly a home of forest of Yanbaru, Kunigami Village. I really felt familiar with the forest of subtropical Yanbaru. Yanbaru forest spreads out in front of us. Even though I say Okinawa people (Uchinanchu), I felt pretty good because I usually watch Yunibaru’ forest in television only.

Scenery of Yanbaru tropical forest seen in Kunigami Trail Walk 1

Scenery of Yanbaru tropical forest seen in Kunigami Trail Walk 2

Scenery of Yanbaru tropical forest seen in Kunigami Trail Walk 4

Scenery of Yanbaru tropical forest seen in Kunigami Trail Walk 5

As I went up the slope, occasionally a pleasant wind blows and I was healed very much. The wind was really comfortable. Such a feeling can not be enjoyed quite often in everyday life.

And it is truly a hard forest. I saw a lot of rare plants that I did not usually see easily. It stimulates not only five senses of my child but also my own five senses that became dull when becoming an adult. After all I felt that the nature of Okinawa is rich.

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 1

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 2

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 3

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 4

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 5

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 6

Plants I saw at the Kunigami Trail Walk 7

Even though it was December, somehow cherry blossoms were blooming a bit. Cherry blossoms in Okinawa are different from the mainland Japan, and it is cherry blossoms and flower when it gets cold. The period of cherry blossoms in Okinawa is in mid-January, but I did not think that cherry blossoms could be seen in December.

cherry blossoms were blooming

Of course, we can see insects that we can not see normally, such as big spiders and slugs. It was quite big (laugh).

big slug

big spider

However, we walk with a lot of people, so it’s okay if you are not good at insects (lol). We rarely meet insects. The insects are running away.

There was a rest space and a toilet in the middle of the course, and make it easier for people who usually lack exercise to participate.

a rest space

And, it was chilly before the start, but as I walked, my body got warmer and gradually. I sweat about taking off the clothes I was wearing for the first time, the inside of my body became warm.

A mountain trail of Yunibaru forest, about 8.8 km. It was about 2 hours and 30 minutes in length, I was able to walk happily to the end while feeling the rich nature of Okinawa that I can not usually taste. My daughter who was in elementary school higher grade was also enjoying it, so I was pleased as a parent.

About Kunigami Trail Walk
Kunigami Trail walk and running competition which started as 110th anniversary of Kunigami Village. It is the only competition in Japan that can trail walk and run in the subtropical forest. Therefore, many people participated from outside Okinawa Prefecture, and 599 people participated in the trail walk this time. The youngest is a 6 year old girl, the oldest guy who is 85 years old. Trail walk is more female participants than men, I think that you can participate even in people who usually lack exercise.

Next year I would like to train a little more and participate in the trail run. Unlike usual running, the trail run of 19 km seems to stimulate my senses considerably. It is a waste that I have to experience not only the Okinawa ocean but also the forest of Yanbaru.

The venue of Kunigami Trail Run is here ↓

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