Drinking from noon, If you want to drink cheaply and deliciously, Parlor Koyaji recommended near the Makishi Public Market

Hot Okinawa, when you are walking around in the day and sightseeing, you will want a cold beer. If you want another beer drunk at lunch time, you can drink from around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Senbero Izakaya recommends Parlor Koyaji. It is a popular izakaya that is cheap and tasty to drink from lunch near Makishi public market. The foods are also delicious and you can drink smoothly from noon. I’d recommend it for lunch drink.

Parlor Koyaji is behind the Makishi public market. It goes through the back alley around the Makishi public market, but this is also a deep spot and it is fun. It seems to be a deep backstreet, but it is peace and Awamori Island, Okinawa’s best place to be able to drink deliciously from lunch with peace of mind while walking with children.

It is fun to sit down at the Parlor Koyaji counter and to wonder which alcohol to drink.

Picture taken from the parlor Koyaji counter

Parlor Koyaji has abundant in kind of small dish that goes well with sake, and you will get lost as to which one to eat. In such a case, it is pleasant to ask recommendation to chef over the counter.

The menu of Parlor Koyaji

When listening to the recommendation, ordering alcohol, the top of the table became lively. Since this is the second case from Sennbero Izakaya “Adachiya”, I ordered too much by momentum? . . But every dish matched well with alcohol and I could eat deliciously. I just forgot what I ordered, but …

Sake and dish

How to go toParlor Koyaji
Parlor Koyaji that you can enjoy delicious sake and cooking from lunch in the back street of Makishi public market. It is okay even if you drink from noon, you can visit with Japanese Izakaya’s second and third. Let you know how to get to such a Parlor Koyaji.

In order to go to a Parlor Koyaji, you will first come to the Makishi public market. As you go along the road on the left side of this Makishi public market signboard, you can see Uotomo.

Makishi public market signboard場

You can see the passage turning to the left as you go forward.

the passage turning to the left

As you go through the aisle on the left side you will see a yellow cafe bar verona. As you go through the alley in front of the verona you will see a small sign of a Parlor Koyaji.

the alley in front of the verona

This small signboard is a landmark. If you find it, sit on the counter and drink beer without thinking anything!

small signboard of Parloar Koyaji

Parlor Koyaji is here ↓

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