This is Okinawa dining room, Cheap, Delicious and Many Koura shokudou

Speaking of Okinawa dining room, it features cheap, delicious and is full of stomachs. If you talk about the cafeteria that has all three cheap, delicious and full volume, Koura shokudou in Naha city. Okinawa’s popular dining hall There are standard A lunch and soba set. If you come to Okinawa and your stomach is empty, Koura shokudou is recommended.

Koura shokudou is in Naha city Wakasa. If you pass the underwater tunnel from Naha airport, it will arrive in about 5 minutes by car. When entering the restaurant there is a ticket machine on the right hand side. Since it write various menus, you lost your way, but if you get lost, A-lunch or soba set meal! Anyway, if you get lost at Okinawa’s cafeteria, it’s A lunch.

a ticket machine

The interior of the shop is like Okinawa restaurant. Some people seem to be tourists, mixed with local elder men and families. Lunch is pretty crowded.

Inside the Koura shokudou 1

Inside the Koura shokudou 2

Well, I got lost with many menus, but at such times I return to basics and choose A lunch. It is the A lunch where each personality of Okinawa’s dining room appears. If you eat A lunch you will find that shop.

Well, such A lunch came. Koura shokudou A lunch has plenty of spare ribs, Tonkatsu and fried shrimp beside Okinawa soba. This is only 700 yen. It is a cheap, delicious and many, three times beat of Okinawa Restaurant. Still, Okinawa soba was easy to eat with a roasted seasoning, even with this volume unexpectedly I ate it. It was delicious.

A lunch of Koura shokudou

On another day I went to eat soba set (600 yen). You can choose from buckwheat bowl, rice bowl, 3 mainiku bowls, pickled rice bowl, fish fries and Tonkatsu. This time I choose a cutlet. And this is the soba set that came.

Soba set of Koura shokudou

Well, as you imagined, it still had a volume. I can not believe it is 600 yen on this volume! Even so, it was easy to eat Okinawa soba, which is easy to taste, and finished it cleanly.

About Koura shokudou
Takara shokudou has been filling the stomachs of the local familiar customers and workers for more than 40 years. Cheap, delicious, good volume set meals have long been loved by local familiar customers. If you want to taste the popular cafeteria of Okinawa, this Koura shokudou is recommended. It is approximately five minutes by car from Naha Airport. You can go to eat as soon as you are hungry. Okinawa soba is only 300 yen. Cheap, good, full of stomach Koura dining hall. Please feel free to visit if you are hungry.

  • Address:
    900-0031 1-7-10 Wakasa, Naha city, Okinawadiv>
  • Open: 10:00~21:00
  • Telephone: 098-868-6532
  • Holiday: None
  • Parking: The front of the shop is a parking lot
  • Price: 300 yen ~ 700 yen

Koura shokudou is here ↓

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