Okinawa soba in old Japanese style house built for over 130 years, Komiya shokudou

As far as I have introduced the Okinawa old private dining hall for over 100 years Yagiya and Makabe Chinaa. Okinawa soba to eat in a building where you can feel Okinawa’s good old atmosphere, taste and atmosphere are outstanding. Meanwhile, you can have delicious Okinawa soba and cuisine even at old Japanese style house that have different atmosphere from Okinawa style old private houses. That is “Komiya shokudou”. It is a genuine Japanese style old private house which moved out of Niigata prefecture purposely to the old private Japanese style house built more than 130 years ago. I ate Okinawa soba at such an old private dining room.

The old private diner is located just between Naha city and Haebaru town. Because it is a distance of about 5 minutes by car from Shuri Inter highway, I think that it is easy for tourists to access. The atmosphere of the Japanese style house is still drifted inside the shop. It is quite different from the old private house in Okinawa.

The inside photo of Komiya shokudou 1

The inside photo of Komiya shokudou 2

The walls are decorated with tools used in everyday life. You can see the beams in the ceiling and it is quite different from the old private house in Okinawa.

The walls are decorated with tools used in everyday life

The menu of the Komiya shokudou is like this. I think that it is easy to understand for tourists abroad as it has photos. I could not shoot well because the lighting was slightly reflected. At the bottom of this page I gave a link to the homepage of the Komiya shokudou. The menu is easy to understand here.

The menu of Komiya shokudou 1

The menu of Komiya shokudou 2

This time I ordered “Komiya soba set meal” recommended for shops. It is a convenient set menu with millet rice, salad, chicken and small bowl.

Komiya soba set meal

Well this is Komiya soba set meal. Komiya soba with 3 meat Soki, Tebichi and Sanmainiku looks delicious. First, I would drink a bite of soup. It is a refreshing soup that has been used effectively by bonito. Still I felt the taste and richness of a solid dashi. Because there are three kinds of toppings meat, Soki, tebichi and Sanmainiku, you can enjoy different taste and texture. A cheap rice rice, salad, chicken, small bowl and a great deal of a large volume set. I got full stomach when eating until the end.

Komiya shokudou information
Japanese-style old private house built more than 130 years ago. It is a real Japanese-style house that they bothered to bring from Niigata. It is nice to have a relaxing space like a high ceiling unique to Japanese houses, thick pillars and beams of pine and zelkova. You feel a different atmosphere from the Okinawa old private house. Delicious Okinawa soba that can be eaten in precious Japanese style houses in Okinawa. Other set meals look delicious. If you want to eat Okinawa soba in a slightly different atmosphere, I’d recommend the Komiya shokudou. Okinawa soba to eat while feeling the warmth of wood is tasty.

Komiya shokudou is here ↓

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