Speaking of Okinawa sightseeing, Kokusai-dori there are many shops that are delicioust and souvenirs

Speaking of classic Okinawa sightseeing, is not it here? There are lots of good souvenir shops and restaurants “Kokusai-dori” (Meaning International street). It is a market town that has been for the postwar reconstruction period after the Second World War 2 for more than 70 years. There are many souvenirs, goods in Okinawa, delicious restaurants, safe street for women and children with peace of mind. Recently foreign tourists have visited quite a lot and the words to be heard have become international as well as English, Chinese, Korean, Uchinaguchi (Okinawa dialect). Kokusai-dori where there are many shops that I would like to introduce with full of highlights. Since it is difficult to introduce one by one, this time I will briefly introduce the whole picture of the Kokusai-dori. I will gradually introduce recommended shops and sightseeing spots around the Kokusai-dori.

There are many souvenir shops on the Kokusai-dori

Kokusai-dori has started from the postwar reconstruction period. For that reason, products and goods in Okinawa are gathering now. Souvenirs in Okinawa, sake such as awamori, traditional crafts, etc are on sale. Because each shop wants more guests, there are also many shops that are quite unique, and it is quite fun just walking. The headquarters of the standard Okinawa souvenir “Beniimo tart”, the Okashi-Goten store also operates several stores. Since Okashi-Goten is full of tasting, it is nice to check the taste and choose the items to buy.

Okashi-Goten on Kokusai-dori

The standard of recent souvenirs is “Beniimo tart,” but you should not forget the Okinawa traditional sweets “Chinsuko”. There is also a long-established shop called “Aragaki Chinsuko Honpo”. That Chinsuko is moist and it is a bit different from ordinary. Please try eating it.

Aragaki Chinsuko Honpo on Kokusai-dori

There are many awamori shops on Kokusai-dori. We have all the awamori of the brewery in Okinawa and can also sample. It is necessary check if you like alcohol. Hub liquor is also sold with hub.

Awamori shop on Kokusai-dori

There are lots of Okinawan traditional craft shops such as pots and plates “Yachimun”, “Kariyushi wear”, “Ryukyu glass” and so on. Please take it in your hand and check it, and try looking for one item of your choice.

Craft shop on Kokusai-dori

Kariyushi wear shop MANGO HOUSE

There are many shops selling cute and strange items. Many items you can buy from hundreds of yen, many school trip students have bought. The shop is also fun.

Souvenir shop on Kokusai-dori

Funny T-shirt shop on Kokusai-dori

Many shops where sake and sweets are delicious

It is not just a souvenir stores on Kokusai-dori. There are many good restaurant and bar. There is also an Izakaya that you can enjoy Okinawa folk song live at night and a bar. Meanwhile, a pub that you can enjoy delicious beer from daytime is Helios Pub. Helios is a sake brewery of Okinawa, and authentic beers such as goya beer, lager beer and pale ale of local beer can be drunk from noon. Since there is an entrance along the Kokusai-dori, feel free to enter.

Helios pub on Kokusai-dori

Speaking of Okinawa’s sweets, Blue Seal Ice Cream. Even if it is not hot day of summer, it is delicious whenever you eat. There are flavor ice which can only be eaten in Okinawa, such as Sikuwasa, red potatoes, sugar cane, salted Chinsuko and so on.

Blue Seal Ice Cream on Kokusai-dori

Speaking of ice cream, there are ice creams with snow salt on Miyakojima. This is ice cream and it does not get sweet even when you eat it. It is a mysterious ice cream that makes me think that it will become sweet someday.

snow salt on Miyakojima

There is a place where a suddenly sweet smell drifts when walking on Kokusai-dori. The cause of that sweet smell is this Baumkuchen shop. Since they actually baked Baumkuchen in front of the shop, the sweet and fragrant smell drifts to the Kokusai-dori. This will work. You will definitely try entering the shop when taking a small child (laugh). Children are honest.

Baumkuchen shop Fukugiya on Kokusai-dori

There are plenty of other places like old fashoin market and Yoshimoto Comedy Kagetsu

Souvenir shops and restautants are conspicuous on the Kokusai-dori, but there are many other places like “Makishi public market”, “Tsuboya Yachimun-dori”, Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsuki etc. Once you step inside from the Kokusai-dori, the old-fashioned arcade streets expand. There are also Makishi public market and Tsuboya Yachimun street etc. in this neighborhood. I will introduce the Makishi public market and Tsuboya Yachimun-dori opportunities again.

Heiwa-dori on Kokusai-dori

Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu is also on the Kokusai-dori. A comedy live by Japanese popular performers is held on weekdays and holidays as well. Both manzai and comedy also perform “Okinawa new comedy” which can only be seen in Okinawa. Actually I have not seen it yet, so I think I will go and see the opportunity. Whether my lower child can understand comedy is still doubtful …

Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu on Kokusai-dori

Please come to Kokusai-dori once by all means when visiting Okinawa sightseeing

Kokusai-dori has long pushed Okinawa economy and tourism since the end of World War II. It is directly accessible from the airport by monorail, and many parking lots are maintained in the surrounding area. A souvenir shops may be conspicuous, but there are also shops that sell American military payment items, if you look closely, it will leave a great deal of postwar reconstruction. You can buy genuine military uniforms, helmets and military items. You can get it only in Okinawa.

U.S. military payment shop on Kokusai-dori

Recently it has also made a food cart village, and new shops are opening one after another.

food cart village on Kokusai-dori

A new thing comes in old things, an Kokusai-dori symbolizing the Champloo (Mixing everything) culture of Okinawa. Kokusai-dori where you get Okinawa culture, atmosphere and interesting souvenirs. If you come to Okinawa sightseeing, please come and visit Kokusai-dori at least once. It’s fun day and night. I will continue to introduce interesting shops along Kokusai-dori.

Kokusai-dori is here↓

If you want to know recommended sightseeings in Okinawa

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