Okinawa soba and beef soup are excellent restaurant, Sobaya Kirabaru

After all, Okinawa’s lunch menu is Okinawa soba. And it is “beef soup” that I want you to eat in Okinawa people and tourists as well. And both of them are delicious restaurant is “Sobaya Kirabaru”. I’ve been eating Okinawa soba and beef soup in Sobaya Kirabaru.

Sobaya Kirabaru is located in Kirabaru, Nanjo City. It is a place we should go by drive, so I recommend you to check the location in advance with Google Map. It’s a little pretty appearance with old private-style house.

The inside of the restaurant has counter seat, table seat, Zashiki seat. Because it is a popular restaurant filled with local customers and tourists on holidays, I recommend that you go early.

The inside of the Sobaya Kirabaru 1

The inside of the Sobaya Kirabaru 2

This is the menu of Sobaya Kirabaru. The recommendation is a set menu with juicy (Okinawa rice).

the menu of Sobaya Kirabaru 1

the menu of Sobaya Kirabaru 2

Since I went with my children this time, I ordered Okinawa soba set, Tebichi soba set, beef soup set. I was looking forward to the taste of Okinawa soba, a popular restaurant in Nanjo City.

Okinawa soba set

This is Okinawa soba set of Sobaya Kirabaru. Straight noodle is a simple Okinawa soba with three meats and a Kamaboko. First of all, I got a bite of soup. It was a rich soup which was mainly composed of pig bones and skipjack tuna. Soup enriched with pork bone and bonito umami taste was well matched with straight noodles. The moment the soup touched my tongue, it was easy to understand that it is “good”. This was so good taste!

Followed by a Tebichi soba set.

Tebichi soba set

2 Big Tebichi was pushed by Okinawa soba, it is near the volume full scale. Tebichi was cooked well, it was very soft. When adding Tebichi to Okinawa soba, the flavor of Tebichi mixed soup and changes to a different flavor. This was also good!

And this beef soup should not be forgotten.

beef soup set

Unlike Okinawa soba, beef soup in which the beef umami taste was richly condensed. Both beef and internal organs, all the cow umami cooked and condensed soup was exquisite! This was just Okinawa’s beef soup. It was the taste of old-fashioned Okinawa’s beef soup that I used to eat when I was a child. When you eat with a mugwort, the umami of the cow and the bitter of the mugwort mix, and this was also excellent. Both Okinawa soba and beef soup were extremely delicious and extremely satisfied.

Sobaya Kirabaru restauranto information
Popular restaurant in Nanjo City, Sobaya Kirabaru. It is a popular Okinawa soba shop crowded with local customers and tourists if it is a holiday. They close at 4 p.m. so I recommend you visit earlier. Both Okinawa soba and beef soup are exquisite.

Sobaya Kirabaru is here ↓

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