The hidden restaurant Kinokawa in Motobu town, Tonkatsu and Okinawa soba are delicious!

Motobu Town is famous for its many delicious restaurants for Okinawa soba. However, Motobu town is not only a restaurant for Okinawa soba. There are also many canteens that offer delicious tonkatsu and set meals. Among them, Kinokawa Shokudo is a well-known and hidden restaurant. It is a cafeteria with reputation for delicious pork cutlet, Okinawa soba and other set meals. It has become famous recently, it is one of the famous stores that represent Motobu Town, which is busy with tourists from outside the prefecture. I went to such a delicious lunch at Kinokawa Shokudo.

I went to eat a holiday lunch with my children. We arrived at restaurant around 1 pm, but the small shop was full of customers. I waited a while. This is how Kinokawa shokudo like this. There are a small counter seat and a small seat. I felt that I could feel Okinawa’s homely atmosphere as they converted a normal house into a dining room.

The inside of Kinokawa 1

The inside of Kinokawa 2

Kinokawa’s menu is this. And I’m sorry. I forgot to shoot the menu details. What other menus are there is something to look forward to when you actually go. . .

Kinokawa's menu

After all, I would like to eat the tonkatsu of reputation when we go to Kinokawa. And my children chose Soki soba. It is a child of Soba Joogu (Soba I like). And, the popular menu Jemamy tofu. Well, I was looking forward to what kind of tonkatsu I could eat.

Yamahara pork A loin and set meal

This is Yamahara pork A loin and set meal. It was a delicious pig cutlet where the soft pork matches the crunchy clothes. I strongly felt the umami of the pork and the sweetness of the fat. It was a delicious tonkatsu utilizing the taste of the ingredients. Okinawan people who like pork must be also convinced. My children also ate more and more.

Soki soba

And this is Soki soba of Kinokawa. A medium-sized, straight noodle is well-matched with a gentle-tasting soup that has been carefully stocked. It was very easy to eat and delicious Okinawa soba. I think it feels delicious to eat regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

Jemami tofu

And this is the specialty of the Kinokawa, Jemami tofu. Tofu made with peanuts instead of soybeans, it is Jemami tofu. The texture and taste of plum which is completely different from that of ordinary tofu is also excellent! It is a dish I want you to eat by all means when you come to Kinokawa.

About Kinokawa

Kinokawa is a long-established restaurant that in Naha City for 30 years and has been operating for over 12 years after moved to Honbu town. As well as tonkatsu and Okinawa soba, there are always over 60 delicious dishes. In addition to the standard cafeteria menus such as Chanpuru and Okinawa soba, you can not miss the dishes that make use of the fresh seafood of Yanbaru. If you come to Churaumi Aquarium, why not visit Kinokawa? It is about 20 minutes by car from Churaumi Aquarium. As you enter a little side road from Route 449, please confirm the location in advance. This yellow signboard is a mark.

yellow signboard

  • Address: Zip
    905-0226 Kenken 603, Motobu town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~17:00
  • Telephone: 0980-47-5230
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Kinokawa is here ↓

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