Speaking of Taco Rice’s birthplace, King Tacos in Kin Town! A true genuine ancestor

Speaking of Okinawa, its distinctive Okinawan cuisine is famous. Okinawa soba, champloo, Zenzai, Miso soup, etc. There are lots of Class B gourmet that was arranged differently from Okinawa prefecture totally differently. It is Taco rice that you should not forget such Okinawa distinctive B grade gourmet. It is Okinawa’s unique Champloo (Mix) dish which puts ingredients of Mexican cuisine tacos on rice. Speaking of such a taco rice birthplace, it is King Tacos in Kin Town. Taco Rice which Mr. Matsuzo Gibo of the founder of the King Tacos invented in 1984, the popularity spread mainly in the Okinawa citizens and the US soldiers, with its volume and punchy taste spreading, now it is in Okinawa’s leading cuisine became. This time I will introduce King Tacos, a birthplace of Taco Rice.

King Tacos has 6 stores in Okinawa Prefecture. The head office is in Kin Town. This is the menu table of King Tacos.

the menu table of King Tacos

In the King Tacos, the first floor is the order counter and the second floor is the eat-in space.

the first floor is the order counter

the second floor is the eat-in space

I went to lunch on weekdays this day, so I ordered tacos 4 pieces and cheese taco rice. There are some taco rice with vegetables as well, but I ordered it to cheese taco rice because the ingredients of tacos fall as it eat.

tacos 4 pieces and cheese taco rice

I ate tacos first by applying King’s taco’s original spicy sauce. A crisp tacos skin, a spicy sauce, and a volumeful ground beef, after all it is delicious! But when I eat it, the ingredients fall down. I would like someone to tell me how to eat tacos well.

I also put a taco sauce on taco rice. Volume plenty! As expected it was a taco 4 piece and taco rice, so it’s not enough to eat alone, so I ate it home.

Tacos and taco rice are famous King tacos, but hamburgers are also oversized and delicious with American taste. I took a hamburger with a takeout and got lunch for the next day.


In this picture it may be a bit confusing, but King Tacos’s hamburger also has a pretty volume. About 12 cm in diameter and about 9 cm in height, I feel a sense of weight and strain when I have it. There is just the size of the small baby’s head. It is about volume that one woman can not eat. I was full of stomach.

King Tacos shop information
If you want to eat taco rice in Okinawa, you’d better go to King Tacos main store in Kin Town. There is also a US military base in Kin Town, and also around King Tacos, you can feel the old atmosphere of Okinawa.

King taco's parking place guide signboard

There are four parking lots of King Tacos nearby. My recommendation is an active park public parking lot. It is 4 to 5 minutes walk from King Tacos.

active park public parking lot

The area around King Tacos is the “Shinkaichi (new open ground)”, the area which was crowded with US soldiers in the old Vietnam War. There are also many signs in English, even now the atmosphere of the US military rule still remains. You can enjoy the feeling as if you visited a foreign country by arranging English signs, concrete buildings, walls with flashy illustrations like wall art. Especially on weekend nights, Americans are drinking, so you can feel the atmosphere of a foreign country.

King Tacos is here ↓

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