Okinawa soba with a refined taste is good, Kinchichi soba in Yomitan village

Okinawa soba, thick and rich is delicious, but on hot days the Okinawa soba with a refined taste is also delicious. The restaurant where you can eat Okinawa soba of elegant and firm soup stock is Kinchichi soba in Yomitan village. While respecting the taste of traditional Okinawa soba, it is a restaurant that is pursuing the taste of new Okinawa soba. Even if the appetite is falling on a hot day, you can eat delicious Okinawa soba.

Kinchichi soba is located along Okinawa’s aorta, Route 58. I think that tourists are also easy to visit. As soon as entering the store there is a ticket vending machine on the right hand side.

a ticket vending machine of Kinchichi soba

There is a menu table just above the ticket vending machine. I think that it is easy to understand even by tourists from abroad because it is with photos.

menu table just above the ticket vending machine

There is a counter and a table seat inside of the Kinchichi soba. It is an atmosphere like this.

inside of the Kinchichi soba

Since it is an open kitchen, you can see that they are making Okinawa soba from the counter. The inside of the shop is bright, and the customer service of the store clerk is also polite and can be likable. Because the correspondence of the clerk is polite, you can enjoy your meal well.

an open kitchen

First of all, I ordered the classic “Kinchichi soba (regular size)” and “Yanbaru chicken juicy”. Like a set of ramen and fried rice, the combination of Okinawa soba and juicy is an iron plate. There is no mistake in this delicious shop.

Kinchichi soba (regular size) and Yanbaru chicken juicy

Kinchichi soba which we can eat both Fried cartilage Soki and Sanmainiku meat. First of all I ate it from noodles. A thick noodle with strong eating response. Homemade noodle with strong flavor aroma. Next I tasted the soup. A thick umami spreads in my mouth, and the aftertaste is a refined soup with elegant taste. Rich soup stock not to be defeated by thick noodles. Still it is an elegant taste. I think that it is the Okinawa soba perfect for summer in hot Okinawa. Ginger is working as an accent of the taste. Grilled cartilage Soki and Sanmainiku meat are rich meat taste, contrasting with elegant soup. It makes me decent elegant taste soup. Juicy also matched the taste of Okinawa soba, it was delicious until the end.

Kinchichi soba shop information
Kinchichi soba is pursuing the next new taste while cherishing the taste of traditional Okinawa soba. The soup produced by combining the bonito mushrooms next day to the soup stock boiled whole day of pig bone is full of thick umami. Still, elegant and refreshing taste is perfect for hot Okinawa! Since Onna store seems to have Okinawa soba Tsukemen, I would like to try on the next opportunity.

  • Address:
    904-0302 Kina 201, Yomitan village, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-16:00
  • Telephone: 098-944-0999
  • Closed: Monday
  • Car parking: There is a public parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 450 yen ~ 900 yen

Kinchichi soba is here ↓

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