If you want to eat both Rich pork bone ramen and Rich Okinawa soba, Kichinto in Haebaru

If you want to eat Okinawa soba. But sometimes we also want to eat ramen. If you like noodles, you sometimes feel this complex feeling. Then “Kichinto” in Haebaru town is perfect. You can eat rich pork bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and rich Okinawa soba deliciously either. Rich pork born ramen which is written largely in the signboard of the shop is not a lie? I actually eat it and make sure.

“Kichinto” is located just of the Haebaru South Interchange. There is a big singborad, so you will not overlook it.

Kichinto singborad

As written in the signboard of the restaurant as a family dining hall, the interior is the atmosphere of a popular pub for families.

In-store picture of the Haebaru dining hall

Easy salad bar is all you can eat at lunchtime. Rice and salad are all you can eat, so when you are hungry it’s a nice service.

Salada bar in Kichinto

After all it is rich pork bone ramen (680 yen) first. Was not a lie on the signboard? I checked with my own tongue that I ate a lot of pig bone ramen at Fukuoka Hakata, the home of pig bone ramen in my college days.

pig bone ramen of Kichinto

The atmosphere of rich pork bone ramen drifts from the appearance. When I drink a bite soup, I could see that it is not lying to a signboard. Rich pork bone ramen with serious! Pork bones soup is so rich that we cannot eat in other shops. It is the first time I ate such a thick donkey soup at a ramen restaurant in Okinawa. I think that it will not become such a rich soup unless they cook pork for a considerably long time. If you want to eat rich and thick ramen, there is no mistake if this shop.

On another day, I tried eating Okinawa soba (730 yen). If you add 300 yen, you can eat a mini-rice bowl such as seafood bowl, taco-rice and fried rice. This time I added seafood rice bowl. Okinawa soba is also rich pork bone soup that you can clearly see from the first mouth. Is it the same soup as ramen? Because Okinawa soba is the same flour noodles as ramen, Okinawa soba is also well matched. This is also delicious.

Okinawa soba of Kichinto

This time I chose rich pork bone soup, there is also Okinawa soba with soaked bonito soup. Next time I will try it with a bonito sauce.

Kichinto information
Not only ramen and Okinawa soba, there are abundant set menu. Moreover, there was also a daily set menu, with plenty of volume. It is perfect if you are hungry for lunch. They are doing an pub at night, so I think that you can eat rich pork bamboo ramen at last at night. Maybe it’s too rich to eat, but …

Lunch Menu of Kichinto 1

Lunch Menu of Kichinto 2

  • Address :
    901-1115 Yamakawa 433 Haebaru townOkinawa, Japan
  • Parking lot : Large parking space around the shop
  • Phone number:098-882-6788
  • Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-03:00
  • No holiday
  • Price:600 yen – 1,000 yen at lunch

Kichinto is here ↓

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