Kenpar-subaya’s Okinawa soba is a transparent soup with a high degree of completeness

Clear soup that seems to be able to reach the bottom of the vessel, straight and easy to eat fine noodle, amazingly soft cartilage pig meat, surprisingly high-quality Okinawa soba can be eaten at “Kenpar-subaya”. If you drink a bite of soup that is refreshing and clear, you will know the high degree of its completion. Easy taste soup can be deliciously eaten even in hot summer, even in winter which is not so cold.

Kenpar-subaya head office is in the new city center of Naha city. This kind of funny signboard is a landmark.

funny signboard is a landmark

Near the entrance outside the store there is a menu sign with photos. It is easy to understand for foreign tourists as well.

a menu sign with photos

When you enter the shop, first you buy a ticket. If it is normal, you will give the food ticket to the staff in the shop, but it is not necessary to give them a ticket at the Kenpar-subaya. If you buy a food ticket, it is structured to automatically transmit orders to the kitchen.

ticket vending machine

The interior is like this. Old Western music is flowing in BGM, the atmosphere is different from ordinary Okinawa soba shop. The number of celebrity signs decorated on the wall of the shop tells you the good taste of Kenpar-subaya.

The inside photo of Kenpar-subaya

Because it is called by the number of the ticket, please do not throw away the ticket. This time I ordered cartilage Soki soba (large). I was looking forward to it!

The food ticket of Kenpar-subaya

Well, cartilage (Nankotsu) Soki soba arrived at last. So soft cartilage Soki looks delicious for transparent soup. First, I would try to drink a bite of transparent soup. It was a refreshing taste, but it was a harmonious taste that felt a solid umami and richness. I think that the transparent soup which took dashi with pig bone, bonito flakes and salt, is the gift of the owner’s trial and error. It is simple but finished in a deeply taste of high completeness. Cartilage Soki is amazingly soft and as like gelatin. Juicy (Okinawa rice), which comes free for lunch time, was delicious, and it was delicious up to the last drop.

Cartilage Soki soba and Juicy

Kempar-subaya shop information
Okinawa soba with a high degree of completeness to a soup which is so transparent as to be able to reach the bottom of the vessel. You can hardly meet Okinawa soba that is so transparent and rigid. I think that any kind of people can eat delicious soup without habit. If you want to eat Okinawa soba in the new city center of Naha City, I’d recommend Kenpar-subaya. Please try and taste this transparent and complete soup once.

  • Address:
    900-0006 4-9-11 Omoromachi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-19:00
  • Telephone: 098-869-9281
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: There is a parking lot in front of the shop
  • Price: 490 yen ~ 950 yen

Kenpar-subaya head office is here ↓

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