Okinawa people who likes meat also consent, Kenmin steak is cheap and full of stomach

Okinawa people who love beef, pork, chicken and any kind of meat. Okinawa citizens who likes such meat are also consent its good taste and cheap. That is “Kenmin Steak”. It is a restaurant that you can eat lots of cheap and delicious steaks. This time I went to the Kenmin Steak in Itoman, so I will introduce it in detail.

Kenmin steak has stores in Itoman City and Naha City Kokusai-dori. You can eat rice, soup, salads, drinks, all you can eat, unlimited drinks wallet-friendly restaurant. I came around 2 pm on weekdays, but there were a lot of Okinawa citizens who liked meat. There were also many families.

Inside the Kenmin steak restaurant

When entering the restaurant, the delicious smell burning meat was full. The burning smell of meat was incredible, so I became hungry early. The interior of the shop is typical of the restaurant of Okinawa. This time I order A set (1,880 yen), 150g of Japanese style hamburger steak, 100g of beef tongue steak and 100g steak. Meat is a profitable set menu totaling 350g.

The menu table of Kenmin steak

Well, while waiting for the steak, I will eat rice, salad and cattle streak soup, and prepare the stomach for a while to eat the steak. In Kenmin steaks, rice, salads, beef straw soup, drinks, all you can eat, all you can drink. Because it is self-service, you can eat as much as you like at your own pace.
All you can eat rice, salad cow streak soup in Kenmin steak

All-you-can-drink in Kenmin steak

Come on, A set I had been waiting arrived. I was preparing my stomach in advance with rice, salad and soup, so I am ready to welcome meat. Firstly Japanese-style hamburger, soft and gravy overflowing is good! The beef tongue was also thick and eaten, and you can enjoy the taste of the meat. The normal steak was also aged and soft, A1 source was well matched. Because it has grilled stones, you can enjoy steak with your favorite baked condition.

As the amount of meat was also large, all you could eat rice, salad and soup, so it was quite full and satisfied with the stomach.

A set of Kenmin steak

About Kenmin steak
Cheap, deliciousness and volume satisfied with meat-loving Okinawa citizens. If you want to eat lots of steak with your stomach, the Kenmin steak is recommended. All you can eat rice, salad, soup and drinks and all you can drink. Even if you have small children, even if you have children in the growing season, the Kenmin steak, you can eat meat full of stomach. It is also friendly to your wallet. If you want to eat meat, please visit the Kenmin steak. There is also an Kokosai-dori shop.

  • Address :
    1361-1 Ahagon Itoman-shi Okinawa, Japan901-0301
  • Open : 11:00-21:00
  • Telephone : 098-927-8036
  • Holiday : Monday
  • Parking : There are 7 to 8 parking spaces in front of the shop
  • Price : 700 yen ~ 2,380 yen

Kenmin steak is here ↓

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