Popular hormone Yakiniku restaurant KEMURI near Kokusai-dori I tried SENBERO menu

SENBERO is prevalent in pubs around Naha’s international street and Makishi public market. 3 cups of alcohol and a casual ease to eat knobs for a thousand yen, the Izakaya that offers SENBERO menu is on the rise. SENBERO menu was offered in such a popular hormone roast meat restaurant KEMURI international street shop. So, I tried KEMURI’s SENBERO menu.

KEMURI international street shop is located in a little sideway from the international street. It is on Mutsumi-bashi street and it is on the left hand side.

Mutsumi-bashi street

The interior is like this. It is felt like a meat bar, it is quite fashionable atmosphere. It is perfect for date as well.

The interior of KEMURI international street shop

Well, this is the SENBERO menu of the KEMURI you are interested in. Three types of knobs seem to change on a weekly basis. Choice of charcoal grill of chicken this time.


KEMURI knob menu

The first cup of SENBERO is a draft beer starting. While drinking cold beer, wait for charcoal grilling of the chicken.

cold beer

At the timing when the 1st beer was finished drinking, the charcoal grill of the chicken came. I ordered a second beer. Looks delicious.

Cold beer and the charcoal grill of the chicken

SENBERO that you can enjoy 3 drinks and a knob at a thousand yen. KEMURI international street shop is fashionable atmosphere, you can enjoy liquor and knob easily. It is recommended for the first drink of the date.

KEMURI international street shop information
A stylish meat bar, KEMURI international street shop where you can enjoy fresh meats of directly operated farms in Hokkaido. Since it is open from 12:00 noon, you can enjoy lunch and drink easily. The fashionable shop is perfect for the first date of dating and the company drinking party. All-you-can-drink menu is 880 yen per hour. Even when you want to drink a cup, even when you want to eat meat, I recommend KEMURI International Street Store. Finally I introduce the food menu.

KEMURI food menu 1

KEMURI food menu 2

KEMURI food menu 3

KEMURI food menu 4

KEMURI International Street shop is here ↓

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