Rich Tsukemen and Mazemen are superb! Menya KEIJIRO in Okinawa City

Ramen is no longer an exaggeration to say that it is a national food of Japan. But recently the popularity of Tsukemen and Mazemen has also increased. Of course, there are a lot of delicious Tsukemen restaurant in Okinawa too. Speaking of a famous popular Tsukemen shop in Okinawa, it is “Menya KEIJIRO” in Okinawa City. It is a popular Tsukemen restaurant with exquisite rich Mazemen and Tsukemen with thick fish and chicken soup. I have tried to eat such Tsukemen and Mazemen of Menya KEIJIRO.

The Menya KEIJIRO is located in the center of Okinawa City, near the Goya Crossroads. Nearby there are sound market Oto-Ichiba and arcade streets. It is in the street where you can feel the atmosphere of the music town Koza. When you enter the restaurant, first you buy a food ticket with the ticket machine at the entrance.

the ticket machine at the entrance

The inside of the shop is a small restaurant with only counters. As expected it was a popular, I visited around 3 pm on weekdays, but most of the seats were buried.

The inside of the Menya KEIJIRO

The number of the sign that was decorated in the store wall, shows that it is a popular restaurant. It is truly a music town Koza. If you look carefully there are signs of famous artists too.

the sign that was decorated in the store wall

Well, let’s first try “Tsukemono Zenbu nose (with all toppings)” (950 yen). Tsukemen will take time to boil the noodles so wait slowly.

Tsukemono Zenbu nose (with all toppings)

This is KEIJIRO’s Tsukemen. A big broiled pig meat will appetite me. First I would taste the noodles themselves. I felt strong response to eat with medium sized noodles. Noodle texture was quite strong, but I could taste the aroma of wheat firmly when I chew. It was not losing to such a strong noodle such a thick soup of thick fish cake and chicken soup. Seafood and chickpeas are based on soup, probably soy sauce, saltiness is working. The rich and punchy taste was pretty tough. It was a rich taste, but the aftertaste was elegant, so I would keep eating steadily. I got quite a stomach full.

On another day I went to eat Mazemen. Popular noodles with more than 200 cups a day. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.


This is Mazemen of KEIJIRO (800 yen). First of all I mixed all ingredients, sauce and noodles gently and eat. The synergistic effect of each foods was enhanced by intertwining the hidden soy sauce and hot spring egg and noodles. Then I would eat it with the recommended way to eat. Add vinegar and Rah oil and stir it and try it. The fragrance and sourness of the oil increases, and you can enjoy the flavor of Rah oil with a different flavor. It was delicious until the end.

the recommended way to eat

Menya KEIJIRO shop information
Menya KEIJIRO that is popular with Tsukemen and Mazemen. Because there are in Okinawa City, many people related to the US military are coming to visit, and it is understood that there is no border in the deliciousness of Tsukemen and Mazemen. Because it is open until 2 o’clock in the morning, I think that it is good for the last food after drinking in Okinawa City. Since there seems to be a sister store in Naha city, I would like to try the taste of the sister store next time.

  • Address: 〒
    904-0021 Goya 1-1-5, Okinawa city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-02:00
  • Telephone: 098-938-2848
  • Cloesed: None
  • Parking lot: There are three parking spaces on the back side of the store
  • Price: 630 yen ~ 950 yen

Menya KEIJIRO is here ↓

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