Stylish Izakaya with a handsome chef KAZAMI, Recommended for girls who came to sightseeing Makishi public market sightseeing

“I would like to drink with local people at a popular tavern in Okinawa”, “I want to try Senbero (2-3 cup and Tsumami set for 1,000 yen)”, “But a standing drinker full of men is hard to enter.” There is a fashionable tavern Izakaya of recommendation of such women who are in trouble. That is KAZAMI. There is a handsome chef, there is a fashionable atmosphere and a little drink set of 1,000 yen, so women can also enjoy alcohol easily. I recommend you to a group of women who is coming to sightseeing in the Makishi public market! You can drink it happily even from daytime.

KAZAMI is behind Makishi public market. There are 2 drinks and 3 sorts of daily specialties, a set of 1,000 yen drink set. It’s an open atmosphere so you can drop in on a casual visit.

A little drink set signboard of KAZAMI

I dropped in by myself and ordered a little drink set. When waiting for a little drink set at the counter at the entrance, a pretty handsome chef was cooking in front of me. The atmosphere of the shop is calm and fashionable. “I found a good Izakaya”, I was happy. A stylish Izakaya where I can bring girls is precious in the Senbero tavern where there are many guys.

a pretty handsome chef in KAZAMI

There were other handsome chefs. If you want to see what kind of handsome you, please go directly to KAZAMI (laugh).

Well, a little drink set came. This time I ordered high ball. Three kinds of snacks look delicious, such as sashimi and frit. I can enjoy drinking one more cup of sake, which is 1,000 yen so I’m happy.

a little drink set of KAZAMI

KAZAMI menu is like this. There are lots of knobs, but the set meals are rich in variety and it is perfect for lunch too.

KAZAMI menu 1

KAZAMI menu 2

How to go to KAZAMI
A little fancy bar with a handsome chef which is close to the Makishi public market, that is the KAZAMI. You can enjoy delicious sake and kneading in the calm atmosphere that is perfect for the second liquor after drinking at first glance. It is recommended for the girls who are traveling in Okinawa. You are interested in the location, do not you think? Let me tell you the easy way to go.

First you will come to the Makishi public market. You can see Uotomo by going along the aisle on the right hand side of this signboard.

Makishi public market

If you want to drink easily in the Makishi public market Uotomo recommend, Sashimi and 2 drinks in thousand yen

You can see the passage turning to the left as you go forward.

the passage turning to the left as you go forward

As you go through the aisle on the left side, the signboard of KAZAMI will be visible soon. Arrive now!

the signboard of KAZAMI

Since I think that you can find it if you are walking around the Makishi public market, please feel free to travel without worrying so much.

  • Address:
    900-0014 2-10-29 Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~23:00
  • Telephone: 098-869-7710
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~

KAZAMI is here ↓

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