Stylish cafe bar “KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND” in Sakurazaka Naha city

Sakurazaka can be said to be the back street of Naha City Kokusai Dori. Sakurazaka has long been the driving force of Okinawa’s night culture, and it is an area known to Okinawa. “KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND” is the stylish cafe bar in the Sakurazaka introduced today. Hamburger is famous as a delicious restaurant. “KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND” is a stylish cafe bar where you can enjoy delicious beer and coffee that has been chilled in the lunch. So I ate delicious Orion beer and Sakurazaka burger.

“KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND” is located in the Sakurazaka area, Okinawa’s premier cultural outreach area, with “Sakurazaka Central” and “Sakurazaka Theater” lined up. If you’re going for the first time, I think it’s hard to find, so it’s better to check the location on Google Map in advance. The restaurant is a stylish space with only a counter. I think it is perfect for a date.


It is a fashionable space where a pleasant wind blows through. It feels really good when the weather is fine. And this is the menu of “KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND”.


The types of hamburgers and cocktails are also quite abundant, so I wondered which one to eat. However, because the weather was fine and my throat was dry on this day, I ordered beer and Sakurazaka burger from noon. Orion beer chilled from noon on sunny days, after all this is the best in Okinawa.

Orion beer

Drinked cold Orion beer and felt the breeze slowly and slowly. This feeling of air make you feel comfortable and jealous. Waited for the Sakurazaka burger while enjoying the slow time.

Sakurazaka burger and adult root beer

And this is Sakurasaka burger. Next is “Adult’s root beer” in the second cup. It is the root beer of the adult that the root beer of the popular hamburger shop A&W in Okinawa was divided by alcohol. It is Sakurazaka burger of the size which does not change very much with a mug inside. As it was, it was too big to eat, so sandwich it in the provided paper and squeezed it and ate it.


Even if I smashed it, it was quite big, but I did my best to spread my mouth and eat it. The texture of juicy and savory beef and fresh vegetables spreaded in my mouth. Charcoal-grilled beef patties were delicious and full of meat juice, and there was also homemade smoked thick bacon. Bacon was also grilled with charcoal, it was fragrant and very delicious. The chip of the island raccoon was contained like a secret taste, and I also felt a little like Okinawa. This was a so delicious hamburger.


“KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND” is a stylish cafe bar in the back alley of Sakurazaka Naha City. You can drink delicious Orion beer chilled from noon. You can drink good coffee even at night. It is a wonderful cafe bar that you can enjoy even having a date or drinking alone. In addition, it has a different atmosphere day and night, and it mixes with the mysterious atmosphere unique to Sakurazaka at night, and you can see another face again. It’s just a short walk from Kokusai Dori and Makishi Public Market, so I thought it would be good for tourists to come.



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