When you come to Ashibina, lunch is recommended here, Safe and Healthy Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara”

When shopping at the outlet mall Ashibinaa, after all you will be hungry. Ashibinaa where you can do shopping with 30 to 40% discounts for both top notch items and casual items. You overwhelmed buying too much and I think that you will be hungry. Safety and healthy Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara” is recommended at such times. Safe, healthy and tasty dishes using over 80 different ingredients, including Okinawa’s island vegetables, all-you-can-eat! You can make small children safe to eat. You understand why soon.

Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara” is near the Ashibinaa car parking lot. It is very crowded at lunchtime on holiday. As soon as you enter the shop, you will understand the reasons for safety, security and health.

In-store photos of Karakara

This “green factory” can be found immediately after entering the restaurant. In Karakara, they grow safe vegetables with organic pesticide and organic farming in the restaurant and are making delicious dishes using that vegetable.

green factory in Karakara 1

green factory in Karakara 2

Because it is a green factory in the store, unlike outside fields insects do not stick. So they do not have to use pesticides, you can eat fresh vegetables at ease, safe and secure. Many island vegetables unique to Okinawa are grown.

Okinawa vegetables brought up in the Karakara

Okinawa vegetables brought up in the Karakara 2

The salad which used safe and fresh vegetables abundantly is still tasty. Vegetables are soft and fresh, making it easy to eat even for kids salad.

Karakara salad buffet

Of course, all dishes other than salad are delicious. Okinawa cuisine including Okinawa’s vegetables, boiled, Nakami-jiru, Okinawa soba, etc. are steadily souped and can be deliciously eaten. The type of dishes is also quite large, even if I go hungry, I can not eat all kinds of food unfortunately.

the cuisine of Karakara 1

the cuisine of Karakara 2

the cuisine of Karakara 3

In addition, There are many kinds of sweets, and small children are delighted too. There are chocolate fondue, cakes, pudding, jelly and ice cream. There are also many types of dessert and I could not eat it all.

chocolate fondue, cakes

pudding, jelly and ice cream

Both dishes and desserts were delicious.

About Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara”
All-you-can-eat Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara” with all-you-can-eat dishes using delicious, fresh, safe and secure ingredients, cultivating vegetables directly inside the store. After shopping at Outlet mall Ashibina, I recommend lunch here. It is particularly recommended for families with small children because you can see directly how the vegetables you are eating are growing. A rich dessert and delicious dishes. You can enjoy lunch deliciously from children to adults.

  • Address:
    901-0225 1-1193 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-840-2280
  • Holiday: None
  • Car parking: The same free parking space available as Ashibina
  • 11:00-22:30
  • Price: (Lunch) ¥1,463 (Adult), ¥722 (elementary school student), ¥500 (4 to 6 years old) ¥free (under 3 years old)
    (Dinner) ¥1,759 (Adult), ¥907 (elementary school student), ¥600 (4 to 6 years old), ¥free (under 3 years old)

Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara” is here ↓

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