If you drive to the underwater road, Kane Shokudou is recommended Delicious and full volume

The underwater road, a popular driving plave in Okinawa. On a sunny day, the sea is really beautiful and the wind is very comfortable. If you go for a drive on such the underwater road, there is a recommended restaurant. It is a popular dining room near the entrance of the underwater road, Kane Shokudou (dining room). It is a popular local dining room with a good old Okinawan atmosphere. And above all, it is delicious and reasonably priced. This is exactly like a sample of a popular dining room in Okinawa.

The Kane Shokudou is located in Yonashiro, Uruma City. The restaurant is near the entrance of the underwater road, so you can go before or after driving. There is a ticket machine when you enter the shop, so buy a menu ticket that you want to eat here.

a ticket machine in Kane Shokudou

There are many menus because it is open as a pub at night. There are a lot of set menus on the wall, so I was thinking about what to eat while watching this. This time is pretty fun.

a lot of set menus on the wall

It is a restaurant where the old atmosphere of Showa remains. I’m a little glad that good old restaurants have been reduced. The inside of the store looks like this.

Photo of Kane Shokudou 1

Photo of Kane Shokudou 2

On this day I went with my children and ordered 3 menus. The menu that should not be removed first when you go to the Kane Shokudou is the most popular bone soup. I wanted to compare the taste with bone soup, so I ordered horse soup, and Kane Lunch there was a lot of fried that my kids love. I ordered these three.

bone soup

This is the bone soup of Kane Shokudou. It may be difficult to understand in my picture, but it is a tremendous volume. At first I tried a bite of soup. A rich pork bone soup that you can understand just by drinking a bite. It was a very thick pork bone soup. It seems that it was seasoned with only pork bone and salt, it was a very rich soup. It was rich but not greasy and seems to be a popular bone soup for the elderly. And plenty of meat on the bones. Eating while removing this is the real pleasure of bone soup.

horse soup

And this is horse soup. A rich, different meat taste that was completely different from pork bone-based bone soup. Rich meat taste, different from beef, pork and chicken. This was horse soup. Moreover, this was also quite voluminous. It had a lot of horse meat and it was very hard to finish. This was horse soup, good.

Kane Lunch

And A lunch unique to Okinawa. Tonkatsu, hamburger, fried chicken, fried egg, pork, etc. are also full-volume menu. After all, children like fried food. We all shared and ate.

About Kane Shokudou

Kane Shokudou offers a wide variety of menus, including a full-fledged Okinawan cuisine with plenty of homegrown vegetables. It is a popular canteen filled with locals during lunch and dinner. It’s really hearty, so if you’re not really hungry, you’ll leave your food. If you go for a drive on the underwater road, be sure to visit the Kane Shokudou.

Underwater road landscape 1

Underwater road landscape 2

The day was cloudy and it wasn’t very beautiful, but driving on the underwater road is still pleasant.

The Kane Shokudou is here ↓

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