Okinawa soba restaurant cheap, delicious and huge, KameKame Soba

Cheap, delicious and huge Okinawa soba restaurant, it is KameKame soba. As it is easy to eat delicious Okinawa soba at an affordable price, it has long been a famous restaurant in local Naha. As a result, at lunch time, the shop is filled with local salaried workers, eldar man and women. This time I will introduce such Kamekame soba.

There used to be a KameKame soba in Nishi-cho Naha City, now in Naha city Wakasa. It takes approximately 5 minutes by car by passing through Naha West Road (underwater tunnel) from Naha Airport. Because access from the airport is good, I think that it is a restaurant where you can drop in when visitors come to Okinawa and when you come home. When you enter the shop, you first buy a ticket with a ticket vending machine. There are four types of menu: Okinawa soba, Fuchibaa soba, Nankotsu soba (cartilage buckwheat), and Nankotsu Fuchiba soba. I choose Nankotsu soba (large) this time. I wanted to eat it soon.

ticket vending machine in KameKame soba

The inside of the shop feels like a typical Okinawa soba restauratn. It is an atmosphere such as the cafeteria of the town where everyone will feel free to enter.

Inside the shop of the KameKame Soba

It is a famous shop of Okinawa soba, which is truly loved by local people from long ago. Signs of celebrities are decorated with walls. Just watching what celebrity signs is fun.

Sign of celebrities affixed inside the shop of the KameKame Soba

Well, Nankotsu sova (large) came. 600 yen on this volume is pretty cheap! Soba noodles are straight noodles. Easy to eat, food advance. I think that it is easy for the elderly to eat. The soup was refreshing, but the soup was on steadily. I think that bonito is probably the main. It was refreshing, but the taste of soup stock was steadily delicious and it was tasty. It is Okinawa soba which soup matches fine noodles and is easy to eat. Cartilage is slightly stiff, there is a response to eat. It is also firmly seasoned and there were 4 cartilage soki, so I was quite satisfied.

Nankotsu soba of KameKame Soba

A little rare in Kamekame soba is that the Fuuchibaa (wormwood in the dialect of Okinawa) is self-service. We put a Fuuchibaa in the Hiija (goat soup), but I didn’t know Fuuchibaa mache with Okinawa soba? At first I thought so, but this unexpectedly matches. The wormwood flavor matches the soup. It is not just a Koregusu, it matches Okinawa soba.

wormwood self service

About KameKame soba
KameKame soba that has been loved for a long time in Naha. Cheap and delicious Okinawa soba can be eaten. Because it is close to the airport, visitors will also feel free to drop by. If you come to Okinawa travel, please stop by KameKame soba by all means. If you have 600 yen, you can eat delicious Okinawa soba with your stomach.

  • Address :
    900-0031 1-3-6 Wakasa, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
  • Open : 10:30-17:00
  • Telephone : 098-869-5253
  • Holiday : Sunday
  • Car parking: Please use nearby coin parking
  • Price: 450 yen ~ 600 yen

KameKame soba is here ↓

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