If you want to eat delicious oysters, try Oyster Shack

Oysters called sea milk. Unfortunately in Okinawa, we can’t get delicious oysters, but sometimes I still want to eat delicious oysters. Recommended the Izakaya at such time, in Sakurazaka Naha city Oyster Shack. In this tavern we eat delicious oysters in Japan to full stomach. Good beer good oysters, I went to eat immediately.

The Oyster Shack is located in Sakurazaka, the birthplace of Naha’s back culture. There is a Sakurazaka slope in front of tavern, and the Makishi public market is close. The entrance is open from around at large lunch 3.

a photo inside the Oyster Shack 1

a photo inside the Oyster Shack 2

This is a photo inside the Oyster Shack. This day I came around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so there were no customers in the store yet. The interior of the restaurant is inspired by a sea hut and has a nice atmosphere. First, order a draft beer. I was glad that the raw oyster as table charge.

Drink beer with the rich umami of raw oysters

Drink beer with the rich umami of raw oysters! This is the best moment. Rich oysters’ umami and aroma spread throughout my mouth, and beer flows. It’s an unbearable moment for oyster lovers.

the Oyster Shack recommended food menu

the Oyster Shack food menu

the Oyster Shack drink menu

And this is the Oyster Shack food menu and drink menu. There are plenty of delicious menus, but I wanted to eat a lot of oysters on this day, so I ordered baked oyster 1kg and 3 kinds of raw oysters. Enjoy beer and oysters

baked oyster 1kg

This is baked oyster 1kg. There are about 10 large baked oysters. First bake for about 10 minutes with the flat side down. And when the back side is baked again for about 10 minutes, it is ready. The trick is to bake oyster juice as little as possible. Beer while eating freshly baked oysters is also the best. There is an all-you-can-eat plan for oysters in the Oyster Shack, but if you eat a bowl of oysters, you will fill your stomach.

raw oysters from different regions

I decided to try raw oysters from different regions. The taste was different depending on the production area. There were rich umami flavors unique to raw oysters, but it was easy to understand the difference compared to eating fresh umami and deep umami. I was able to fully enjoy the deliciousness of oysters.

About Oyster Shack

The Oyster Shack where you can eat delicious oysters from all over Japan. We ate only oysters and beer on this day, but there is also a set menu at lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. I went to eat with my kids on another day. It is recommended for those who like oysters. You can fully enjoy the umami of oysters.

there is also a set menu at lunch on Saturdays and Sundays

Fried oyster set

Oyster bowl set

The Oyster shack is here ↓

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