Introduce the Ocean Expo park firework festival with video the biggest in Okinawa

Introduce the Ocean Expo park firework festival with video the biggest in Okinawa

The biggest fireworks festival in Okinawa, it is “Ocean Expo Park firework festival”. More than 14,000 fireworks will color the ocean at night. Enjoy summer fireworks on a beautiful beach. It is a popular summer event in Okinawa Prefecture, crowded with tens of thousands of people every year. This page introduces the Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival with a video. Although the power of fireworks could not be photographed with a poor movie of smartphone, it would be nice if you still got atmosphere even a little.

Fireworks festival place is Emerald beach in Ocean Expo Memorial Park. It is a beautiful beach near the Churaumi Aquarium. On the day of the fireworks festival, there are plenty of fun events such as beach attractions that you can enjoy easily from noon and stage live by popular artists. Still, as it became evening, people grew more and more and emerald beach crowded.

Ocean Expo Memorial Park fireworks Festival 1

Ocean Expo Memorial Park fireworks Festival 2

Emerald beach is a very beautiful setting sun. You can enjoy such a beautiful sunset as the sun goes down.

Sunset of Emerald Beach 1

Sunset of Emerald Beach 2

Well, at 8 o’clock the evening sunset completely fireworks finally started. Please see the movie.

Fireworks were fired all at once from the countdown. Since the fireworks were fired directly from the emerald beach, the distance from the fireworks was very close. It was launched from a distance of only about 100 m. That’s why the fireworks were so big. Fireworks were so big, as I could not photograph very much with smartphone. Looking up from the sandy beach of Emerald Beach, you can really enjoy a full night sky. Moreover, the distance is close to fireworks, so the sound is amazing! The sound of the fireworks was comfortable, directly responding to the bottom of our stomach.

Attractions of fireworks are also quite large, including Niagara Falls and underwater fireworks. It is about 2 hours fireworks show, but it is in a flash. Since many small children were coming, you do not have to worry so much whether your children do not inconvenience or cry. My children also enjoyed themselves. I think that I will participate again this year. Once I join, I will introduce it on this site again.

About Ocean Expo Park firework festival
The biggest fireworks festival in Okinawa, Ocean Expo park firework festival. It is held every second Saturday of July or the third week. On the day, it is necessary to receive a numbered ticket beforehand because the entry restrictions are imposed on the emerald beach. The numbered tickets are distributed at Emerald Beach from the morning.

On the day of the fireworks display, the roads are quite crowded. There are many people who can not get to the fireworks venue because of traffic jams. I’d recommend leaving early. Also, returning is quite crowded. The road to the central and southern part of Okinawa, traffic jams will continue for a while. Better yet, I think that you feel better if you stay at a hotel in the Motobu town or drink plentifully in a pub and return home early in the morning. There are not many good loopholes. Well, the distance traveled will be long, but the road around Nakijin village on Route No.505 is relatively vacant.

Better yet I would like to stay at Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa, which is located near Emerald Beach. I think the fireworks which can be seen from the hotel room are quite beautiful and feeling good. Probably the hotel fee on the day is quite expensive. . . . .

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa

  • Address : 905-0206 Ishikawa 424, Motobu-town, Okinawa Japan
  • Ocean Expo Park Management Center : 0980-48-2741
  • Season : Saturday of Second week or the third week of July
  • Fee : Free
  • HP linked :

Emerald Beach is here ↓

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