Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival at 2017, introducing fireworks videos in the front row

Ocean Expo Park fireworks display at 2017, introducing fireworks videos in the front row

Speaking of Okinawa’s summer scenes, it’s beach, live music and fireworks. “Ocean Expo Memorial Park firework display” is an event that we can enjoy all such summer tradition. In Okinawa’s largest fireworks festival, tens of thousands of people crowd every year. We have seen the popular beach of Ocean Expo Park, Emerald Beach, beautiful fireworks shining in summer night sky, 2017. Moreover, this year we are watching fireworks in the front row. The fireworks that are hit from just 100 meters are bigger than our sight, the sound of fireworks echoes throughout our body and is tremendous force. There were plenty of people, it was hard to wait during a hot day, but it is enough power to blow away the fatigue. I will introduce such a Ocean Expo Fireworks Festival with a movie of fireworks.

The fireworks festival place is Emerald beach in Ocean Expo Memorial Park. It is a popular beach near the Churaumi Aquarium. When I came to pick up a numbered ticket of fireworks display in the morning, there were few people yet, but it is a beautiful beach. The weather was nice and it was going to be a great fireworks day. Fireworks will strike from areas where palm trees grow. Fireworks will really beat in front of us, so it’s tremendous force.

Emerald beach

Entrance restriction was imposed on the emerald beach, the venue for fireworks display. You can not enter the beach if you do not wear this entrance ceremony ticket. Even in the evening, the numbered ticket was left, so you do not have to be so impatient. Even so, I have much sunburn.

entrance ceremony ticket

The weather for the lunch of the day was like this. Iejima island looked beautiful. It was fine sunny and nice weather, but it was very hot … … If you have young children please be careful with heat stroke.

Iejima island

On the day of fireworks festival, there are plenty of fun events such as beach attractions that children can enjoy and stage live by popular artists. As it came evening, people grew more and more and the emerald beach crowded。

At the venue of the fireworks display 1

At the venue of the fireworks display 2

Looking from a little far, the emerald beach was like this. Although it was crowded with people, it was not enough to not move because they were restricting admission.

the emerald beach

We can watch fireworks from the front row this time. Fireworks will be launched from around the palm tree just 100 meters away. There is no other event to enjoy fireworks in front of this!

Fireworks will be launched from around the palm tree

Fireworks are open from 8 o’clock in the evening. The sunset gradually went down from about 7 o’clock in the evening. It was a very pleasant time with a live artist, a beautiful sunset, cool winds. Please see the sunset at Emerald Beach. It was still bright around 7 o’clock in the evening.

Emerald beach sunset 1

The sunset was pretty sunk around 7:30.

Emerald beach sunset 2

The sun has completely sunk before 8 o’clock, the sky was dyed beautifully red. I was excited.

Emerald beach sunset 3

One minute before the opening, electricity in the hall was erased and the sky gradually became darker.

Emerald beach sunset 4

Now, countdown finally. And fireworks fired. Fireworks were firing from just 100m ahead, so the distance was very close, the power was not half-ended. The fireworks spreaded to my full field of vision, the sound of the fireworks echoing the whole body, it was truly tremendous force. Although it was powerful enough to be surprised when it is a young child, it was enough to forget that they were overwhelmed by the beauty and power of fireworks and crying. Okinawa in summer, beautiful beach, powerful fireworks, I will not say that anymore.

This video was taken with a smartphone. The sound of fireworks is poor, the field of vision is narrow, and it is not in focus because of shooting with a smartphone. Therefore, it is regrettable that the power of the fireworks can not be conveyed at all. Still, I’d like you to feel the atmosphere who visited this site even a little. If tasting fireworks at Emerald Beach, though it is serious, I think I will come again next year. I was so impressed!

Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival
Okinawa’s largest fireworks festival, Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival. It is held every second Saturday of July or the third week. On the day, it is necessary to receive a numbered ticket beforehand because the entry restrictions are imposed on the emerald beach. The numbered tickets are distributed at Emerald Beach from the morning. Even around 6 o’clock in the evening, it still have surplus so you do not need to be impatient.

On the day of the fireworks festival, the road is heavily congested. Every year, there are many people who can not reach the fireworks venue due to traffic jams. I’d recommend leaving early. In addition, it gets pretty crowded after the end of the fireworks. It will start coming home all at once, and there are many people going to the central and southern part of Okinawa, and congestion will inevitably continue for the time being. Better yet, I think that you feel better if you stay at a hotel in Motobu town or drink plentifully in an izakaya and return home early in the morning. Unfortunately there are not many good loopholes. I think that the road leading to Ginoza village and Kin-cho in National Highway No.329 is comparatively good from Route 505 Route Naijin village. The distance traveled will be long, but. Or you can enjoy the fireworks from the boat. Without a car, you can drink a beer as much as you can.

Better yet I would like to stay at Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa, which is behind the emerald beach. The fireworks which can be seen from the hotel room will be pretty clean. The cooler works well, you can enjoy fireworks coolly and happily. I think that the hotel fee on the day is quite expensive. . . . .

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa

  • Address: 905-0206 Ishikawa 424, Motobu town Okinawa
  • Telephone: 0980-48-2741
  • Time: Saturday of second week or the third week on July
  • Price: Free admission
  • Home page:

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