You can taste delicious Tofu-Champloo and hand-made Tofu in Kaiyou Shokudou

It is a restaurant where delicious Okinawa tofu dishes such as Tofu-Champloo and Yushi Tofu are delicious, it is Kaiyou Shokudou. Since Okinawa’s unique tofu is hand-made in the dining hall, its tofu dish is exquisite! Okinawa’s tofu is called Shima Tofu, and has less water and a lot of protein. So it condenses the ingredients of soy beans, so the taste of tofu is strong and thick. You can taste the original taste of tofu. Since Okinawa often uses tofu for Champloo food and so on, Shima tofu has developed which is easy to be fried with less moisture.

It is the Kaiyou Shokudou that you can eat cheaply and deliciously such Okinawa unique tofu dishes. The appearance and the inside of the shop are Okinawa’s cafeteria itself. I came before 2 o’clock in the day, but the inside of the restaurant was full of local people. If it is crowded you will be asked for a seat.

Inside shop in Kaiyou Shokudou 2

Inside shop in Kaiyou Shokudou 1

The menu of the Kaiyou Shokurou is like this. There are many tofu dishes, but a standard dishes of Okinawa classic are also prepared, such as Soki soba and Tebichi and more.

The menu of the Kaiyou Shokurou

Speaking of Okinawa’s tofu dishes, it is Tofu Champloo. If you eat Tofu Champloo, you can taste the original taste of tofu. If you eat a bite, the rich flavor of the shima tofu in Okinawa will spread. Seasoning is also a gentle like made by my grandmama, perfect for lunch. If Outside Okinawa, you can not eat such a rich tofu. It is recommended for those who love tofu.

Tofu Champloo of Kaiyou Shokudou

On another day, I came to eat Yushi tofu soba. Unlike Tofu of Tofu Champloo, Yushi Tofu is fluffy soft tofu. You are able to enjoy such soft tofu’s gentle taste. It may not be visible in the picture, but half-egg are hidden in the side.

Yushi tofu soba of Kaiyou Shokudou

In the Kaiyou Shokudou, delicious Okinawa tofu dishes unique to Okinawa were eaten. Thank you for the meal.

About Kaiyou Shokudou
In Kaiyou Shokudou Okinawa’s unique tofu is a delicious. The history of Okinawa’s tofu is quite old and it is said that the Chinese chefs who accompanied the book sealers taught it since the 14th century when trading with China started. Therefore, the tofu in Okinawa is also manufactured in the same type “Raw diaphragm manufacturing method” as China. Furthermore, since it is often frying and stir-frying from the heat of summer in Okinawa, it seems that it began to make Okinawa’s unique hardness. So it is different from the mainland Japanese tofu in taste and hardness. Please try and taste such tofu in Okinawa at the Kaiyou Shokudou.

  • Address:
    901-0235 192-10 Nakachi, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
  • Open: 10:00-19:30
  • Telphone: 098-850-2443
  • Holiday: Sunday
  • Car parking: There is space to park several cars in front of the shop
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 900 yen

Kaiyou Shokudou is here ↓

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