Perfect for adult’s souvenir! Marine bottomed Awamori aged in Okinawa sea

When you come to Okinawa travel, what will you buy for souvenirs? Chinsuko, tart with red bolts, Yachimune (pottery), Awamori, Okinawa have many special products, it is fun just to choose souvenirs. But when you search for an adult’s souvenir to give to your important person it is serious. Just sending luxury goods can not convey your feelings, and you will let important people use their mind. Let’s introduce the perfect adult souvenir in such a case. Marine bottom Awamori “Ryugu no Kuni”, aged under the beautiful sea of Okinawa. There are few people who know even the locals, it is a visionary Awamori who knows. On this page I introduce such awesome Awamori, a submarine liquor “Ryukyu no Kuni”.

It is this Ryugujo that sells “Ryukyu no Kuni”, a submarine Awamori. It is in a place that surely stops on the way to the Churaumi Aquarium. The appearance which made the motif “Dragon Palace” of a fairy tale attracted your eye.

Ryugujo that sells Ryukyu no Kuni

The inside of the Ryugujo is an ordinary souvenir shop. Many standard souvenirs of Okinawa are sold.

Inside of Ryugujo

In such a place, the submarine Awamori “Ryugu no Kuni”. It is 7,020 yen for new Awamori left in one year. It is expensive compared to ordinary souvenirs, but that is why I think it is perfect for an adult souvenir. Unlike ordinary awamori, deposits of coral are attached to the bottle. It is proof that it was laid on the seafloor. Even just the appearance will be a souvenir that will remain impressive.

the submarine Awamori Ryugu no Kuni

By the way, old Awamori (Kuusu) that lay asleep for 5 years is 9,180 yen, old Awamori (Kuusu) put in bed for 8 years is 10,260 yen.

old Awamori (Kuusu)

Well, as a souvenir to give to your important person, you still care about the taste. I bought it properly and tried drinking it. It is a good souvenir for adults that is in a wooden box, is not it?

Perfect for adult's souvenir! Marine bottomed Awamori aged in Okinawa sea

I was surprised at drinking it! Although the alcohol degree is as high as 40 degrees, the edge of alcohol was taken, it is mellow and easy to drink. You can tell by drinking straight. It feels like it melts slowly on my tongue. Alcohol is high, but it does not hurt when flowing through my throat and flows smoothly. It looks like a colorful glitter and it looks like a very delicious sake. It makes awamori so mellow and delicious after fall asleep in the ocean. I was surprised!

About Marine bottomed Awamori “Ryugu no Kuni”
The Marine bottomed Awamori is sake that matures by submerging in the sea of 5 to 10 meters deep in Motobu town, where corals are easy to land. So corals and barnacles adhere to the bottle and it is original Awamori which shows different expression one by one. Awamori shaken by the flow of the sea in Okinawa and age has a fragrance, a mellowness of the tongue, a taste, there is a big difference. I was surprised when I actually drank it. It is said that having been laid in the ocean for one year will have the same mellowness and rich fragrance as sake which has been aged for 10 years on land. Yes, you understand, when you drink, it has become a delicious awamori truly aged.

Unlike just a high-class awamori, it is tasty, the impression Marine Awamori ‘Ryugu no Kuni”. It is perfect for adult souvenirs. The submarine Awamori is sold at Ryugujo. Please drop by before you visit the Churaumi Aquarium. Since it won the Grand Prix at the Japanese Souvenir Academy in 2002, there is absolutely no failure. Please come as a souvenir for your precious person.

Ryugujo is here ↓

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