Fresh and great seafood bowls at the fishing port of Urasoe city, Kaisen-shokudou Thiida

There are lots of delicious lunch menu in Okinawa. Okinawa soba, ramen, cafe and buffet, there are lots of good restaurants. In the meantime, sometimes the bowls are nice. On top of hot rice, fried freshly tempura rising. You can eat such a delicious bowl of rice, “Kaisen-shokudou Thiida”. Both the hot tempura bowls and Okinawa soba are delicious, using fresh fish and shellfish.

Seafood dining hall Thiida is in the fishing port of Urasoe city. It is a cafeteria located in a fishing port, which is also a place to relax for active fisherman. You can feel the unique space and vibrancy of the fishing port. The interior is like this. The flag of the fishing boat is decorated and you can feel the atmosphere of the fishing port.

Inside photo of Thiida 2

Inside photo of Thiida 1

Let’s first buy a ticket once you enter the restaurant. This time I ordered seafood tempuru bowl (large). There are dishes I want to eat, such as only prawn tempura bowl and bone soup. It is easy to understand if there is a menu with pictures.

Ticket bending machine

I bought a ticket, handed it over to staff and waited for a while. The seafood tempura bowl arrived. Even if you can see it at the first glance, it’s very impressive. Tempura rising above the rice. It seems to be instantiated.

seafood tempura bowl

Fried hot tempura on soft fluffy rice. There are nine kinds of tempura with plenty of shrimp, squids, several kinds of fish, vegetables, and seasonal prefecture-produced ingredients, but this is still on top of the rice. There is a secret sauce that is not so sweet, and I continued to eat more and more. There were too many tempura, so it was not enough rice. This is a heap! Visual Impact is outstanding. If you eat until the end, your stomach is full.

Kaisen-shokudou Thiida restaurant information
A refreshment dining room for the seafarers at the fishing port of Urasoe city, the Kaisen-shokudou Thiida. A set meal using fresh seafood directly brought to the fishing port and dishes using seasonal ingredients in Okinawa Prefecture are delicious eateries. The tempura bowl with lots of big tempura has outstanding appearance impact, and it is fun just to eat. Sometimes how about this lunch besides Okinawa soba and ramen? Next time I would like to try eating only a shrimp bowl.

Kaisen-shokudou Thiida is here ↓

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