A delicious seafood tavern run by a handsome shop owner and fisherman family

There is a delicious seafood tavern owned by a good-looking owner and a fisherman family in Tomigusuku City. That’s Seafood tavern Kaikyou. It is an izakaya where you can eat delicious fresh Okinawan fish (in dialect Imaiyu) deliciously at a great price. A seafood tavern that has been introduced on local TV in Okinawa. I have tasted delicious fish dishes there and I would like to introduce it.

The seafood tavern Kaikyo is located at the height of the border between Tomigusuku City and Itoman City. As it is a short drive from the Tomishiro Minami interchange on the highway, anyone can feel free to come and eat delicious fish. The restaurant interior looks like this. There is a counter and a table seat, and it is a relaxing atmosphere.

The seafood tavern Kaikyo interior 1

The seafood tavern Kaikyo interior 2

And fresh fish caught on the counter on that day. The fish killed just a while ago were taken to the counter after being taken off their internal organs, but were still moving. You can not get such fresh fish at a fresh fish shop. It’s good for fish lovers to eat fresh fish that is still moving.

The counter is full of fresh fish

This is a menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou.

menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou 1

menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou 2

today recommend menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou

drink menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou 1

drink menu of seafood tavern Kaikyou 2

First, ordered draft beer and decided which food to eat.

draft beer and knob

After all I could not remove fresh fish grilled with butter. The butter grilled fish of this day was Umeiro. Umeiro seems to be a high quality fish that does not circulate in the market very much. The fish with a yellow back is Umeiro at the lower left of the counter. I was looking forward to what kind of taste the butter grilled fish using high-class fish Umeiro.

The counter is full of fresh fish

And this is Umeiro butter grilled. After opening the fish for deep-fried fish, it was a dish baked with butter in the oven.

Umeiro butter grilled

I felt very delicious because of the smell. Of course the taste was excellent. The buttery smell of garlic and garlic chips, and the taste of freshly caught fish. This was a delicious grilled fish with butter. It is a plain taste that was unique to white fish, but the taste was not so light, and the original flavor of the fish was condensed. The white fish was also firm, and I could feel the umami of the fish as I chewed.

Next was the seafood tavern Kaikyou, a popular menu “fried tuna stomach bag with leeks”.

fried tuna stomach bag with leeks

A delicious flavor that matches well with beer, with a crisp texture. This made me beer progress more and more. The seasoning of the dish that makes use of the original umami of fresh fish was outstanding.

Finally I would like to conclude with fresh “raw oyster”.

raw oyster

Raw oysters called sea milk. Raw oysters with all the flavors of seafood condensed were the best. The seafood tavern Kaikyou is really delicious. I highly recommend it to fish lovers.

About seafood tavern Kaikyou

It is a delicious seafood tavern Kaikyou run by a handsome shop owner and a fisherman family. The shopkeeper’s grandfather, dad and brother also seem to be a seaman. So we can eat fresh fish caught the day for a good price. Fish fresh enough to move on the counter. In other seafood taverns we can not eat such fresh fish. If you are a fish lover, please go to the seafood tavern Kaikyou and eat dishes. Draft beer is good for 200 yen from 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock in the evening.

  • Address: Zip
    901-0213 Takamine 392-5, Tomigusuku city, Okinawa
  • Open 17:00〜22:30
  • Telephone: 098-850-4655
  • Regular holiday: Tuesday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: About 2,500 yen per person

The seafood tavern Kaikyou is here ↓

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