If you are driving for Okinawa recommend the Kaichu-douro (Sea road), after watching the beautiful sea you can play Marine Sports at Ikei Beach

For a pleasant sunny day, we would like to enjoy driving. If you are coming to Okinawa as much as you like, looking at the beautiful Okinawa ocean, feeling a pleasant breeze and running the car, you feel good. Today I will introduce Kaichu-douro (Sea Road) recommended for driving on such a fine day. A Kaichu-douro crossing the exhilarating emerald blue sea. It is recommended for a pleasant drive course! Both right and left are beautiful seas of Okinawa! It feels like running on the sea.

The Kaicyu-douro is a road connecting Okinawa Prefecture Uruma City and remote islands such as Henza Islands and Miyagi Island. It is a toll free road with a total length of about 5 km. It is almost straight, so you are feeling good when you are running.

Okinawa Kaichu-douro road entrance

Okinawa Kaichu-douro

The Kaichu-douro (ocean road) is a beautiful sea of Okinawa, both right and left. If you stop the car in the parking lot, you can feel free to enter the beautiful sea of the emerald green. A couple of tourists were also enjoying the sea of Okinawa like this.

the beautiful sea of the emerald green

Crossing the Sea road there is Henza Islands. I felt the relaxed time unique to the remote island of Okinawa. You can see Hamahiga-jima by seeing the left hand side from Henza Islands.

Hamahiga-jima seen from Henza island

Drive that you can look at the beautiful sea of Okinawa is still going on. While feeling the relaxed time of the remote island of Okinawa, a calm and pleasant drive will follow.

Driving scenery of Henza-jima Island 1

Driving scenery of Henza-jima Island 2

Driving scenery of Henza-jima Island 3

Beyond Henza Island and Miyagi Island, I came to Ikei-jima. Crossing this Ikei Bridge is Ikeijima.

Ikei Bridge

Overlooking the sea from the Ikei Bridge, it is clean with a deep green color, but it is somewhat scary. Because the width of the ocean is narrow, the tidal current is complicated and it seems not suitable for swimming.

Landscape seen from Ikei bridge

Crossing the Ikei Bridge, Ikei Beach, which is also popular in Okinawa, is right there. This day I visited was a weekday in late April, but some tourists are already swimming. Because the weather was sunny, the sea is very beautiful. The deep ocean and the sand beach were really bright. On this site I posted the picture quality of photos taken with smartphones dropped, but still we can take such a beautiful picture.

Ikei beach 1

Ikei beach 2

Many marine sports menus are also available at Ikei Beach. From classic marine sports such as banana boat and marine jet, you can experience marine sports, such as mermaid experiences and fly boards, which you can not do on other beaches. I just dropped by at the drive this time, but I’d like to swim next. I saw the fly board on TV and I am a little interested.

Marine sports list of Ikei Beach

If you are hungry in the middle of a drive I recommend a lunch buffet at the restaurant Ayahashi

If you are hungry in the middle of a drive, I recommend lunch buffet at the Ayahashi sea station. A relatively reasonable price of 1,000 yen for adults and 630 yen for children allows you to enjoy affordable lunch buffet. Restaurant Ayahashi is on the first floor of this sea station.

Sea station Ayahashi

Souvenirs are sold at the sea station Ayahashi.

Inside shop picture of the sea station Ayahashi

There is a restaurant entrance when going back inside the store.

Ayabashi entrance

In the restaurant Ayahashi you can enjoy lunch while watching the beautiful sea of Okinawa.

A beautiful sea of Okinawa seen from the restaurant Ayahashi

The dish of Uchinaa buffet Ayahashi is like this.

The dish of Uchinaa buffet Ayahashi

Salad and dessert of Ayahashi

Adults are 1,000 yen, so the number of dishes is not so abundant, but it is just right for lunch. I recommend you to Tebichi and Nitsuke. Tebichi is well cooked and you can get a lot of plump collagen.

Tebichi and Nitsuke

About Kaichu-douro (Sea road)
A road of about 5.2 km connecting the main island of Okinawa and Henza Island, a Kaichu-douro (Sea road). Looking at the right and looking at the left, the drive while looking at the beautiful beach in Okinawa will be full of exhilaration. For travelers enjoying Okinawa sightseeing by car hire, I want you to drive. You can enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa without swimming.

The Kaichu-douro (Sea road) is here ↓

If you want to know recommended sightseeings in Okinawa

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