A ramen shop where you can enjoy old-fashioned delicious Chinese noodles taste is Kadekaru in Yonabaru town

Rich, punchy ramen like Iekei-ramen, or rich taste such as Tonkotsu ramen is also good, but sometimes we will want to eat ramen with tasty flavor and nostalgic taste as well. Just not only taste but also the taste of old-fashioned traditional Chinese soba, which a solid Umami worked, you will want to eat sometimes. The shop of recommendation at such time is “Shinata soba Kadekaru” in Yonabaru town. You can enjoy the taste of delicious Chinese soba which matched soup spreading elegant flavor for old-fashioned medium-sized straight noodles.

Kadekaru is on Route 329. It is a shop in appearance not like a ramen shop. It is atmosphere like a cake shop or a coffee shop. This sign is a landmark.

Kadekaru sign

The inside of the shop is more like a coffee shop somewhere than a ramen shop. The in-store BGM is like a classic, and it has a calm atmosphere. I think you can use it for dating.

The inside of the Kadekaru 1

The inside of the Kadekaru 2

This is the menu of Kadekaru. Homemade wonton seems to be recommended, so this time I ordered “Special taste Ajitama wonton noodle”. Wonton noodle using homemade noodles and homemade wonton. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

Special taste Ajitama wonton noodle

This is “specialty taste noodle noodles”. The aroma that stands up was a fragrance of old-fashioned traditional Chinese soba. First, I drunk a bite of soup. It was a refreshing and elegant taste, based on pig and chicken animal soup, blended with fishes and other mushrooms such as boiled and mackerel. It is refreshing taste, it is not that it is thin taste, but a firm umami spreads in my mouth.

Noodles were old-fashioned medium-size straight noodles. Homemade noodles made by hand in the shop every morning were very easy to eat with a crispy texture. Wonton was also handmade, was satisfactory enough to eat and was pretty tasty. Thanks to Wonton enough to respond to eating, I became quite full of stomachs. Thank you for the meal.

Kadekaru shop information
Shina soba Kadekaru where every morning handmade and homemade noodles and wonton. You can enjoy the nostalgic Chinese soba taste. Homemade noodles are crispy in texture and often match for elegant soup. When you want to eat elegant ramen which is not rich noodle, Kadekaru is recommended. Please eat it with wonton enough to respond to eating.

  • Address: 〒
    901-1303 Yonabaru 838-2, Yonabaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-15:00, 18:00-21:00
  • Telephone: 098-946-1775
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking lot: Yes
  • Price: 680 yen ~ 1,200 yen

Kadekaru is here ↓

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